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I am a 17 year old male and I have a single cyst on my right cheek. It has been there for 3 and a half years and it is very bothersome to me. The cyst is not very raised, but at times it can get very red. Every day I wash my face with a clearasil wash twice a day (sometimes three) and every other day I exfoliate with a st Ives scrub. I also put retin-a on the spot every night a minute or two after I wash my face and then I put cetaphil on it right after as well. In the morning I wash my face and after I put on a neurogena moisturizer. Currently, I use Dermablend cover-up and some days it works and covers naturally but most days it doesn't. I try to drink a lot of water every day to keep my body moisturized but it is hard keeping up with drinking enough water every day. I also take two cephalexin antibiotics every day. I am pretty fed up with this spot and it seems like most of the time the spot is just dried out and difficult to cover up well. Most days the makeup looks dry and caked. What should I do for a SUREFIRE way to have it covered up every day?? 😳

(Also- I would post a picture but it is covered at the moment and I just washed my face and (tried) to apply cover-up)

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