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Success Stories? Redness? Acne? Sooo Many Questions Face And Neck

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If these are dumb questions or I am just totally oblivious to obvious signs of acne then just let me know but im soo confused and absolutely tired of acne and blochy skin?


so here are my questions? pls help with answers or links to how i can see the answers myself:


  1. How come i use the same products on my face and neck but my face is red and disgusting and gets acne but my neck looks so clear, smooth, and nice, like theres an obvious difference from the color of my face to my neck.
  2. Where are the success stories that people have had , not just the ones that say there are clear from "certain products" or a certain regimen but ones with actual before and after pictures and with feedback from others that say it also worked for them?
  3. How do i get rid of dryness and redness from my face. when i cleanse lightly with a cleanser my face doesnt feel cleaned and i can feel little hard bumps on my face and dryness but if i cleanse hard my face feels smoother but its all red and still has the dryness???? so i dont understand how i can get rid of both the redness and dryness + i still get acne with doing both



current regimen just so those who read know


wash with garnier radiance renewer cleansing gelee, moisturize with dr lin daily hydrating gel. once in the morning and once at night


another thing is my chest acne has gone away just by using soap or so i think  cause i dont really remember putting anything else on it anddont really remember when it went away it was just random so pls dont say you have to eat right or drink water or vitamins or things like that because it is just my face that has this problem but i use the same face products on my neck and face  so idk im really confused and sad


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