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Hey guys,


This is my first post on here! but I have been struggling with moderate acne for about 8 years (I am 22). I am finally on a strict regimen including clindamycin, 2x/day, amoxicillin 2x/day, benzoyl peroxide once/day as well as moisturizer and salicylic acid face wash. I know that the tetracyclines have worked on me in the past almost instantly, but I recently began breaking out in hives when I was on minocycline so those are out of the question for me now. 


So my question is: Has anyone ever tried red-blue light therapy? I am only asking for those who have tried it at the dermatologist and not by using the at home treatments. I am skeptical about it and do not want to spend the money and going in 2x/week for 8 weeks if it is something that has not given a lot of people results. I have searched the internet but have not found much that seems to be reliable, and who is more reliable for reviews than fellow acne sufferers! 


I plan to start on Monday if I can find some positive information. I would love to share my experience with you all and hear from others!



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