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Tree Nut Allergies / Sensitivities And Acne?

tree nuts allergies acne

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 05:32 AM

Has anyone seen a correlation between sensitivity to tree nuts and seeds, and acne / folliculitis? For years my daughter has experienced sore and tight throat as well as itchy ears and itchy eustachian tubes, as well as sudden sinus stuffiness, and sometimes rapid heartbeat. She also experiences acne flare-ups and severe facial skin inflammation, red blotchiness, which appears and disappears for no particular reason at random times.

We never put anything together until these past 2 weeks. We are visiting her in Europe, and we have gone out to lunch and dinner with her many times. On 4 occasions she has complained of sudden ear and throat itchiness, a feeling of anxiety, of swelling around her neck, at exactly 1.5 hours after the meal. Each meal had many nuts in the food, and many nuts in the dessert. So I advised her, stop eating nuts. She did, and her sore throats went away. Two days later she forgot and ate tahini and had another bad reaction, like someone put a rope around her throat.

Now she is taking this seriously, and I think back to when she was younger, the worst acne times, and it was whenever she went through a period of eating trail mixes by the bagful, or nut-butter sandwiches.

When I was pregnant with her I noticed whenever I ate pecan pie she kicked violently in my stomach. I didn't think it was a negative reaction, just a reaction. But now I look back I think maybe it was a negative reaction or I sensitized her too soon enough, in utero. Does anyone else have experience like this?

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 06:11 AM

Tree nuts are on the list of the 8 most common allergies. That list is about 'true' allergies with immediate reactions that might kill you. which sounds like what she is experiencing. so I don't know how applicable it s to the delayed types of responses that may cause acne.

That's why everyone needs to determine their own sensitivities.

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