Posted Photo's, I Really Tackled The Acne Issue, And Would Love To Help Anyone Who Needs It

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Hi Everyone. 


I have had a crazy experience my my face going out of control on me, it started June 2012. It had cycles.

June 2012 - June 2013 it went through all sorts of stages. It started as patches of acne, to big huge patches of acne, to extremely inflamed acne. When I say inflamed, I mean like my whole face felt like it was a puzzle of under ground cyst. I never had problems with acne before, but always used oil free make up. I eat extremely healthy and didn't change my diet. The only thing that REALLY changed- was I went through an extremely stressful 2011/2012. 


First I tried Proactive, then I tried almost every type of face product at the drug store. Really, I did lol. I then went to the doctor because I thought that I had staph, OR mRsa, or a candida over growth. I thought it was staph or mrsa because i would get these huge pimples that would leave huge wholes in my face. It was awful. Three Doctors told me it wasn't staph or mrsa. I got perscribed anti biotics. Went to a dermatologist, another 3 doctors, and even went to the DENTIST lol thinking maybe it was a tooth problem.


Well everything failed me.

I finally a couple months ago started REALLY taking in a lot of vitamins and using an all natural herabl approach which was the only thing I did that started giving me results. I went to a local health food store, got a couple great products that started working very well, but then I found my last 2 products, which I am convinced saved my face.


I am posting some pictures, the first three are from a couple months ago ( bad acne) ,

4th Photo was from a month or so ago when it started getting better,

and the last 4 are from yesterday.

(Note : Do not mind my facial expressions in the recent photographs. I was sending images to my friend to represent my disgust going to the gym so early in the morning) ;-p 

I wasn't wearing make up in the new photos,

but the 2nd photo from a couple months ago I was wearing foundation to try to conceal the skin issue,

and the 4th photo when my skin was starting to get better i was wearing

foundation as well

but the last 4 are all without makeup.



If anyone is interested in products or info, if it looks like a problem you have or if you are just curious about what to use or what I did, feel free to reply.

I know how HORRIBLE it is dealing with this, especially when you try everything and everything fails so I would love to help anyone who wants it whistling.gif) I really think my outbreak was a hormonal/thyroid/ allergy type thing. I kept getting told in the beginning I was doing it to my self and I was like what? How? I'm just using proactive lol.



The main thing that I think helped, although I used a couple things 

was Thymex. Look it up on amazon, look at the reviews. 

Its like a vitamin, it supports your thymus gland which is the largest gland in the immune system.

You can read reviews of it on amazon,

and you can read about it here, this gentlemen uses it as well


Do as much research if you would like, but after I started that, I REALLY saw results 

i also used a couple topical treatments that worked great 

I would say my favorite, that hand in hand did the best with the thymex

was this product from amazon "paw paw ointment"

It comes in tube form as well, all the same just different sizes.

Also this ointment,


Those three things- were my savor, like I said I used others as well, but these are the main 3 that did it for me

any one has questions, or anything

Just ask I would love to help as many people as I can 


<3 love to you all 

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Nice progress! So you cleared your skin naturally?

My sister got a staph infection (at least that's what the doctors told her), and after it cleared it left marks similar to yours. How did you fill in the indents? And how did you come up with your supplements regimen? Your progress is amazing! 

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