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hey everyone, or who at least read this


I am a teenager and have acne for just over a year and I am already forgetting what it was like to just wake up and not rush to the mirror to shove on makeup just so i can go to school feeling half decenteusa_wall.gif


anyway over time i developed this need to run to the mirror any chance i got and pop all my pimples, which those who are interested i have moderate acne, on my cheeks, my temples and all over my forehead those are mainly those little skin coloured bumps ( anyone know how to get rid of them?) anyway I have tried al products and spent all the money I basically have as a teenager with a lousy job to get products to help them. Anyway whenever I popped a pimple the next day there were several more surrounding that area , so that led me to think me popping these pimples all the time was getting more!


I had tried to stop dozens of times but failed but this time with people behind me i think i will do this!


i started today and have so far not picked very much, just put on a face mask and after that squeezed 2 blackheads out which i don't find bad and popped one little pimple , i know i know but its better than most days right? like before this popped at least 5 a day.


so here goes i am going to keep this updated every day or second day! if you can support me or comment that would be great!


anyhow i will tell you about day 2 tomorrow eusa_doh.gif eusa_pray.gif

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