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Day 1-28 update: so last cycle month I had 3 medium breakouts. And the cycle before I believe it was one. I went back to exercising after I started getting a TON of comedones and some emerging inflamed acne in mid May (after a month of not so good diet) and it didn't start clearing up until I was exercising for about a couple of weeks and eating healthy again for over a month. Now, 2 months later, the comedones are more or less under control (4 on each side right now). It's odd that if exercise does matter, this is only happening now. But I suppose it's possible. There seemed to be no change from diet alone before I added being more active to the list. It also seems if I eat until I'm full on a daily basis that also causes acne, which is why I'm planning to increase my Inositol dosage today to 2.4g. I just don't think it's right that even if I eat healthy and give up some foods I love, I still have to starve most of the days not to have acne. Screw that. Also if it gets rid of random smaller acne, I suppose why not.

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Day 1-28 update: last cycle I had 1 medium and 1 large breakouts. I started using 10% glycolic acid lotion and it seems to really work well, though weirdly my forehead gets a rash from it, while cheeks and jaw get no reaction lol. I like how it makes my skin smooth and the exfoliation seems to be reducing the closed comedones. I started it about a week ago. I didn't expect to get a large breakout again, perhaps upping Inositol dosage just means diminishing returns. I received my vitamin b3 serum today as I've heard it can be good for acne as well as marks/discoloration. I also got b3 supplements (niacin) but researching further I'm hesitant to take them seeing how they seem to boost HGH (human growth hormone) and that in its turn may stimulate more testosterone production, which seems to be the culprit of my acne. 
I'm trying to get back into healthy diet routine but I do have cheat days way too often :P

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