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Mild to Moderate Acne

My Daily Life With Acne

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Posted 27 March 2014 - 04:34 PM

Hello everyone, how are you all doing?! Anyway I have a middle issued life at the current moment ....


I been currently at work almost all day of the week and I been feeling distressed! I worked a lot of hours-- full-time at the resturant. From 11:00 AM to 9:30 on Sunday-Thursday. And 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM for Friday and Saturaday. And for me I feel like I have to get up early around 6:30-7:45 AM and I am STILL tired! I'm like a heavy sleeper mostly. And I'm not a MORNING kind of person. So I have time to get up, brush my teeth, take a shower, and get dressed for work. Take vitamin supplements. Then I leave around 9:30 AM....


I have a lot of side job responsibilities... such as cleaning up stations and counters, refill sauces, put ice, clean the serving boards, etc. Then when the resturant opens durning lunch hours, it usually gets moderately busy. It put stress on me and a lot of stress on my dad. I have to go back and fourth and all around. Multi-tasking... It's my weakness since I can't do many things all at once. also I am the only server or waiter working. I have to do almost everything...


And last Monday since I was sooooo tired, after taking the kitchen staff home. I almost fell asleep driving on my way home, I was on the highway... So I decided everyday from now on I will drink coffee-- I going to need a boost of caffine. Some energy...


My parents wants me to get goodnight sleep and go to work around 10 AM, but I usually go at 9:30 AM to help out my dad prepare the things for the resturant before opening... I don't like to see my dad do everything and get stressed out taking out anger on the Hispanic co-workers or me... I hate that. My parents, grandparents, and the Hispanic co-workers all are getting old, and for me I'm just growing up. I am 20 years old....


Also aside from the resturant that is mostly stressing me out. I have to pay $65 weekly for car payment, $50 monthly for phone bill, $30-40 for gas, $25 for paper temporaily license plate renewal. (mine expires on 4/10/2014) and about $350 for car repairs and maintenances....


Bottom line, I get soooo worked up almost everyday. Not to mention I have High-functioning Autism, so I am very, very sensitive and easily aggressive.  I have high anxiety, sometime have social anxiety, a bit claustrophobic, and I do have panic attack sometimes. I get overwhelmed just about everything when it looks and sounds too much for me...


So I need tips, suggestions, and advice. Good one from anyone to help me improve my living lifestyle.... Because even above all of my daily personal stressful lifestyle of working all day long till closing, I still having huge struggling problem with my acne. I been laying-off and slacking off on my acne.org's regimen, so I been breaking-out pimples almost everyday. My moderate-severe acne... from pustles to big nodules...


I don't have enough money to continue resuppling myself with the 3-step regimen from this website due to my expenses...


I need suggestions on:


1) Good energy drink to start my day without falling asleep on the job and in middle of driving. Because drinking coffee isn't good but I had to, to stay awake and alert. But I don't want it to cause any acne break-out or flare-ups.


2) Since I get off work at 9:30 and 10 PM at the maximum, I usually sleep around 12 AM mostly, so idk if there are any possible suggetions on getting goodnight sleep since I get home late. Idk if I get full 8 hours of sleep, but still I get tired from going around taking care of customers since I'm the only server.


3) Any other cheap subsitition for acne medication I could use besides the acne.org regimen? Because I dont want to spend like $50 total on it... Besides, I'm lazy on the regimen. I don't have paitence on waiting some minutes in between, so I don't feel comfortable doing the 3-step process kind of regimen. And also I don't like topicol acne treatments...


I like to use an easy wash-in treatment that contains benzoyl proxide. Or anything with benzoyl proxide along with aloe, antibotic, etc. For extra strength.... Pretty much I am comfortable with the step one process, just facial wash and that is that.


i wouldn't mind doing the 3-step process, just that I don't have time to do it when I have to get to work early on-time. I leave around 9:30 AM and I wake up like 7:30 AM or 8:00-8:30 AM.


4) I have High-functioning Autism, a mental illness. Does anyone else suffered a mental illness too alongside with acne? And when will the lousy acne cycle go away? I heard like age 21 I will outgrow acne and be done with it... I'm getting tired of getting acne lesions! It's so painful and annoying. I always hate maintaining my beauty... And going on special acne diet to prevent break-outs and flare ups. Are there any other oral pills that could reduce acne break-outs besides accutane?


I'm going to study about acne and everything that causes acne and find a way to end its cycle for good. Because I'm going to be 21 years old and I'm expecting my acne lesion cycle to go away by age 30. Because I will reach adolosene by then... I want to look handsome and feel renewed!

No one's perfect and everyone can't always be handsome or beautiful. Be proud for who you are. :)

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Posted 27 March 2014 - 05:00 PM

Its funny, i have a very strict diet that i have to follow because of many intolerances. And i can't consume any liquids other than water, but i find because i drink so much water i feel more awake. Right when i wake up i drink 800- 1000Ml of water and i take it with my doxycycline pill that i just take to keep down my rosacea skin that is prone to redness (Its a 40Mg which is just used for inflamation). I have to wait an hour before i get ingest any solids (thats just a rule with this particular med). For breakfast i have all natural cream of wheat (not the instant!) with some natural maple syrup in it and a cut banana or blueberries(blueberries are supp to benefit the skin) and i usually drink another 1000ML with breakfast. The high water intake, and the cream of wheat  really keeps me running for many hours till my next meal. I wish i could drink vanilla iced coffee to keep me moving (because its so goooddd) but i can't have coffee, anything high in caffeine, or cows milk (or soy, or almonds), or anything that will really really spike my sugar. 


Also i did take accutane like 10 months ago i started and ended in october (i had very mild acne, but rosacea) thats the only reason i took it because i could clear my skin up while having rosacea with topicals. So now i just worry about my rosacea. 


My brother also took accutane and had very painful marks on his face. He took the med like 3 years ago and has never had breakouts since. his skincare is the same as mine. Cerave Hydrating Cleanser, and spot treating Hyper pig with tazorac (which i use like 2 times every 2 weeks) And just basic skincare after accutane was the best thing. Usually if you experiment after treatments, a relapse usual occurs. 


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