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Switching To Dan's Regimen

cetaphil benzac almay makeup regimen mild switching

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Posted 23 March 2014 - 08:04 PM

Just made an account and I'm not quite sure if I am posting in the appropriate place, but here goes. :)

I am currently on my third week of using the regimen with store bought products though. I have been using cetaphil oily skin cleanser, followed with Benzac 2.5% and then Cetaphil Dermacontrol sunscreen for oily acne prone skin, and at night time I swap that with the basic Cetaphil moisturiser. All is doing okay, I'm experiencing a bit of redness and peeling which is normal from what I know no drastic changes but i feel like I'm getting less painful pimples around my cheeks and chin (i don't get acne anywhere else but the bottom half of my face, and I don't know why) and I'm just being left with red marks from previous breakouts. I also take 3-4 fish oil tablets a day and one zinc. I have a healthy diet and I workout 4 times a week, drink plenty of water and don't have a large amount of sugar intake.

I really want to make the swap to Dan's products, also including the glycolic acid and his jojoba oil, because I've read some amazing reviews and I am pretty keen to order the big kit and try them. What does anyone think? is it worth the money making the swap?

Another Question, I've just brought Almay clear complexion foundation and clear complexion concealer, because I wear makeup to school everyday and I want the best makeup that won't cause breakouts. And Dan has recommended Almay.  After I brought it has come to my attention that the concealer is 1% salicylic acid, and the foundation 6% salicylic acid. I know salicylic is good for fighting acne, but along with the regimen I feel like it could be too harsh?


Please Anyones thought's, opinions or experiences will be gladly appreciated. :) hifive.gif

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 07:36 AM

I'm pretty sure there is not 6% SA in that makeup. It's probably 0.6%. 6% would really burn your skin! Having said that, it's best not to use SA with The Regimen just to avoid any extra irritation. We do like Almay but Almay Smart Shade is the specific foundation we suggest.


As for switching to the Acne.org products, you will probably be very pleased with the quality and efficacy. These products were formulated for acne prone skin and specifically for use with The Regimen.

We're all in this together.

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Posted 24 March 2014 - 06:49 PM

Switching is definitely worth it. I've used all sorts of store bought products for acne, but Dan's products are the first to actually help. It's just nice to have brand consistency, in my head anyway, because then you know all the products were made to used in conjunction with one another. 


SA is just an extra irritant. You can try it and see how it goes, but your skin might reject it lol.

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