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I Have Finally Cured My Cystic Acne (Sorta)

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Ok So this now the second time i post on this thing. I think I need to start from the beginning!

I am 28 and I have had acne since i was 15. It has never been bad bad, I've always managed to kinda keep it at bay but I have never left my house without foundation and concealer.

I have tried pretty much everything

- Accutane (made my eyes sensitive- and I'm a photographer, so it sucks)

- Benzol Peroxyde (totally allergic but it took me awhile to realize because of the low dosage i was taking)

- no sugar, no carbs diet

- the pill (makes me insomniac and gives me back pains - tried Diane 35 in France, Yazmin, Yaz and another one which I dont remeber the name)

- Juicing diet

I cannot find any photos to illustrate the really bad breakouts but here is an example of my acne covered with makeup

(notice my skin is bumpy)

Proactive allergy lol:

I went to see a homeopathic dermatologist who helped me. Turns out I have hormonal cystic acne coupled with rosacea (so very sensitive) plus a stressful city life

She prescribed me some of those homeopathic lil pellets (hepar suphur, Kali bromatum) and some pumpkin oil pills (helps stop the shiny skin) and a cream you can only get in France which really works as it has a natural antibiotic in it called Myrtracine

I was using the proactive toner which she encouraged me to continue using as its helping me getting rid of scars and voila!

I can't say it is perfect, it's been two months... but I now wake up and I dont have the urge to run to a mirror to check for new pimples and my face doesn't hurt anymore and I dont spend hours picking or staring at girls in the subway with perfect skin. I still get a few spots but they disappear the next day with that cream

I hope this helps some of you that are in my situation

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that is great news and your skin looks awesome! thanks for sharing your story.

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nice, I love the natural approach..I tried a homeopath once, but didn't have much success....all due to the skill

who did you see in NYC?

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