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Need Help Thinking Of Trying Out Prducts

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hey guys. ive seen this web a long time ago . i said . i would go to the dermatologist and if that didn't work i would give a try...

and well... here i am... the derma. just gave me some pills. which i drinked for about 3months didn't see a diffrence... now im just using the retin-A its not bad i've seen a very slight diffrence but its been 6months and i just can't seem to get rid of this or at least control it

my regimen.. is cetaphil cleansing bar ... retin-A ... and cerave moisturizer

i like how my skin feels no itching or burning or peeling

i think i have modarate acne. a not so bad acne.. around mouth but i also may have some oral dermatitis on the chin. the dermatologist did not want to look into that so im stuck with it...

so question for the ones that have tried this regimen... does it reeealllyyy work ...or am i just gonna throw money in the trash once again?

im thinking of getting the regimen and the jojoba oil (can't seem to find it in stores)


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The Regimen works well for most cases of acne when it's followed strictly. If you would like to see some of the Success Stories people have sent to us over the years, please go here:

You should elaborate what you GUYS mean by 'most' cases...sadly no acne company does this

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