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Should I Use It?

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Posted 09 March 2014 - 04:29 AM

Detail about myself, I'm 18 this year, I have oily skin, I don't really eat much junk food, i walk for at least 30 min p/d, i drink water ( not enough tho...) and my face... well i wound't say its acne prone, I don't think I have acne. but i non-stop break outs. 
I've tried many, many products the past year or so due to the realisation that, I'm girl.
I've had breakouts as long as i could remember, (well, actually since my teenage year starts. )
I've used and still using tea tree oil on my spots, aloe vera gel as a base before i put on my makeup ( bad, I know), Garnier dark spot corrector at night on my pigmentations and clean and clear spot gel every night. 
I've tried witch hazel ( the person whom did my facial said alcohol is bad so i stopped), C&C kit, all the home remedies. I didn't really see any improvements.
My T zone and jawline is very much clean, no scars no nothing. while my cheek and between my nose and mouse are breaking out. 
my cheek, used to be worst, but I started using Proactiv 3 step 2 weeks ago, my friend whom's skin is 5x oilier than mine said that it works wonders ( she still got small pimples but considering the fact that her situation is worst than mine and how she eats heaps of junk food). so i bought the kit, the first week, was alright, but the second ( now ) i can see and feel it is a lot better than how it was, but not enough. bumps, 3-4 pimples on each cheek, not that bad I know but... I want them out of my life!
So i thought hey why don't I try the last thing i've not yet tried, Acne.org's Regimen. but I don't have acne, but should I try it anyway?
I, as a human being would like to walk on the street with little or no makeup. I don't like wearing any of it. in fact I look exactly the same, just with no imperfection when I do wear it. ( plus eyebrow, cus I don't wear fake lashes or eyeliner or anything that unnecessary :s) I wore makeup in the first place to cover up the scars, but i made it worst... by the time i've realised I've made a boo boo in life, I have no choice but to continue wearing it to keep covering.
I'm very insecure about my skin, so there is no way I can go out without putting something on my face and plus, I care... I tried not to but I just care. 
so my last choice would be trying to get rid of it. it could be my hormones, or genetic ( my dad told me how when he was a teenager, he was the king of pimple o.O), but there must be away to control it. so please help, 
(I'm going to keep using Proactiv for a month and see if it has any improvements.
If not, I shall change to something else...)
The questions remains;
If I was to try Acne.org's Regimen, will it control my breakouts?
If it is hormonal, will it go away when I "finish" my teenage years? ( sad, I know)
Extra question;
Will PMD (I ordered a few days ago. not delivered yet) help to control my pimples since its sucking out all the stuff thats in my pores?

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