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Need New Moisturizer. Please Help!


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Posted 06 March 2014 - 02:01 AM

I've been using Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen SPF 15 for the morning as part of the regimen. I've noticed it's too oily, greasy, and shiny looking for my combination skin, so I need something else, but I just don't know what to get! I've been thinking about the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 30 because reviews say it has no shine, and leaves a smooth matte finish, which sounds perfect, but it sounds more like just sunblock than moisturizer, and I need both because my skin is very dry and flaky from the mouth down so I need to moisturize, but I also need protection from the suns rays, and very very importantly- it can't be oily or leave skin shiny! Please help me, I don't know what to do or where to look anymore. Im desperate, im tired of these acne problems that just seem to go nowhere. Please!!

Week 55 on The Regimen!! (Just broke a year!) :banana: seeing great results! Was clear from all active acne, but fell off my routine and slightly relapsed  :doh: (updated 2/17/15)

~My Regimen~
         Morning ▼▼ Different from Night Routine/Regimen to keep skin from becoming too dry and flaky or oily and shiny during the day
        1. Dan's Gentle Cleanser
        2. Spot & patch treat with Dan's BP and if necessary, Dan's AHA+
        3. CeraVe Moisturizing Lotionor Olay Moisturizing Lotion - Sensitive Skin[Also testing several Paula's Choice moisturizers/SPF to pick my new one]
        4. Paula's Choice Shine Stopper
         At Night ▼▼
        1. Dan's Gentle Cleanser
        2. Paula's Choice Hydralight Toner [Also testing Paula's Choice Skin Balancing, and Resist Toners]
        3. Dans BP - 1.5 to 2 pump(s).
        4. 1/2 Olay Moisturizing Lotion - Sensitive Skin 1/2 Dans AHA+ & half pump of Garnier Jojoba/Macadamia Oil
~Supplements/Vitamins (each daily)~
     - 2000 IU Trader Joe's Vitamin D3 - two 1000 Iu capsule a day
     - Target brand (Up & Up) Zinc 100mg - two 50mg cpasules a day
     - CVS Chewable Vitamin C with Rose Hips 2000mg -two 1000mg tablets a day   -Was previously taking Trader Joe's Synergistic C Vitamin C Complex
     - Nature Made 16,000 IU Vitamin A -two 8000 IU capsules a day
     - Trader Joe's Natural Papaya & Pineapple Enzymes -2 tablets a day   -not really for skin, more for digestion
     - One A Day VitaCraves Gummies + Immunity Support -2 gummies a day   -mostly as a general multi-vitamin
     - Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies -2 gummies a day   -mostly for digestion
--Planning to add in some Vitamin B5, and possibly add Omega-3
Still trying to perfect my regimen. 'We all have different skin' ~YOUR MILEAGE WILL VARY!~ Customize your regimen/routine for your unique self :dan:

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Posted 07 March 2014 - 09:02 PM

Try Nivea Oil-Free Moisturizing Day Cream for oily/combination skin. This moisturizer is veryyy hydrating, but not shiny or oily. It doesn't have an spf, but I pair it with a foundation with spf 20 (Covergirl 3 in 1 foundation - nothing like their other foundations which are crap, this stuff is actually AMAZING. )

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Posted 07 March 2014 - 10:45 PM

Tamanu oil is a great moisturizer.  You want to give it time to soak in before doing any makeup, but it's great for your skin, does not cause breakouts, and moisture.  Use it sparingly in the morning (1 pump) and 2 to 3 pumps at night.

No regimen is one-size-fits-all. You are unique and so is your skin.



Black soap - Lumiplexion Salicylic Acid ~ Lumiplexion  SPF 30 ~ Lumiplexion moisturizer 


Black soap  ~ Lumiplexion Glycolic Acid 12% (3-4x week) ~ Lumiplexion Hydroquinone 1-2x week


Lumiplexion enzyme mask / sulfur mask /  moisturizing mask 1-2 week as needed 







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