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So here goes my story...

I started getting acne when i was around 12 years old, it was off and on and was not too serious when i entered high school it began to get worst. My face , back ,chest and arms looked really bad. I could'nt really live a normal life because i was embarressed to show my back and it was really uncomfortable to sleep. 


In grade 9 i decided to go see a regular doctor and he gave me some antibiotics which did not help at all, and then i went back to him and he told me about Oratane, did a blood test and i started my treatment. Yes it got worst and then better and the results were really good, almost clear. But after a few months when i thought my course had finished acne started returning and went back to normal. When i told my doctor he suggested i take another blood test to see if i should continue and then i was told I COULD NOT because it didnt look too good with my blood results.


I then tried Benzoyl Peroxide as it was my only option, first few months to a year it worked great until somehow it did'nt work at all as my back was getting worst and face.


I went to see a dermatologist this year ( 3 years since i stopped Oratane). The dermo saw my back and saw how bad it really was and asked why i left it for so long, i explained i have tried treatments but thought the acne would go away because im 18 years old and not really a teen. He then said he wants me to go on Roaccutane ( the real thing) with a 30mg dose for around 8 months, blood test was fine and so i started yesterday (monday). He then said i should come again after 1 month, probably to adjust the dose and see progress


I stopped all soda drinks and drinking more water, i hope that this time i get cured completely, will update you guys. Feel free to ask questions as i am no stranger to Oratane/Accutane etc


Thank you ! ( fellow acne sufferer )

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