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The Truth About The Regimen (Benzoyl Peroxide)

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Posted 08 March 2014 - 10:42 PM

This acne regimen is nothing new, and it was not created by this website, it has been around since the 80s. only 30% of those using a simplistic benzoyl peroxide based routine will find significant satisfaction, whether that is total inactivation or inactivated enough to be satisfied, other 20% will find partial satisfaction, their bumps and redness goes down a little, but they still remain active
The remaining 50% of people who try simplistic benzoyl peroxide based routines, will not get better, they will not find any satisfaction, and some make their acne worse, and create more wear and tear
These percentages are for all the people who are highly motivated and doing the regimen as directed, one of the biggest injustice in the treatment of acne, is when doctors, companies, or websites like this one, assume that because the person is not doing well on their benzoyl peroxide regimen, that they are not motivated or not using it as instructed, the exact opposite happens, acne patients are highly motivated, they will still succeed, partially succeed, fail or get worse 
The pros
- inexpensive, widely available
- bring satisfaction to 30% of people, and partial improvement to 20%
- simplistic routine, offer sense of taking care of your skin,  self achievement
The cons
-  many are allergic, and sensitive
-  can bleach your clothes, sheets, everything, especially when treating body acne
-  50% of people will not improve at all or get worse
-  it only works for people with mild acne
-  even if you achieve partial improvement, it will not be satisfying, and if anything, it will contribute to a psyche of defeatism and hopelessness
- despite any claims to the contrary, these simple benzoyl peroxide routines have tolerance and resistance issues, while some may argue in a lab, that there is no resistance, anyone who has had acne for 5 years knows that the skin creates tolerance to any active ingredient, the skin is constantly becoming resistant and tolerant to anything, and it gets accustomed to it. 
- embellished success rates, whether they are sold on infomercials, spas, online websites, all of these products are embellishing their results, they're claiming to help almost anyone, with these simple routines, this is the real injustice, is not that these benzoyl peroxide routines are scams, or that they don't work for some, is just that the marketing has been embellished for 30 years, is this embellishment, that has created the desolation, defeatism, skepticism, apathy, anxiety, depression that acne sufferers face
- many have tried these routines, and their anxiety is very high, because whoever sold them these routines, did not tell them, that there was a 70% chance that they will not find fully satisfaction with these treatments, had they been told that on day one, they would have entered these routine with a different mindset, such as, let's see if I can beat this, rather than, I know that this CAN help me. The way these simplistic benzoyl peroxide routines are being marketed, is the major injustice in the treatment of acne, 
- causes irritation, darkens the skin, texture changes that are not desired by anyone, they trade acne for irritated and roughened skin, is not necessarily because benzoyl peroxide is irritating, but these simplistic routines don't really address all the needs an acne sufferers has, you need to get rid of acne, without irritating your skin, and causing texture changes
- I said before that one of the pros, of using a benzoyl peroxide routine, is that you can do it yourself, which gives you a sense of empowerment, only when you win, but this same aspect of a simple routine, is also one con, because if you don't see improvements, you are left all alone to get frustrated, and repeat the cycle of failure, this type of feeling while on your own, contributes to hopelessness and defeatism 
- one of the biggest cons, is the concept, they tell you, to hope and wait, to put it on your face for months, and see what happens, waiting months for results is very dangerous, not only you're acne is getting worse the longer you wait, but if you are all on your own, you have no one to talk to, you can spend 3 months, doing more wear and tear, without no results to be seen
- some people tend to get worse before they get better, this can be traumatic for many, getting worse first, is very dangerous, for both wear and tear, and emotionally, this idea is a con
all these science and pseudo science that you get bombarded with, is intended to convince you logically and scientifically that your choosing the right product, in reality it will only work for 30% of cases, these bogus claims are made in vitro, not in vivo, in real life
if benzoyl peroxide routine is all you have available, you should give it a shot, but with the mindset, that it may not bring you to satisfaction, that it may not be the cure for your acne, if you come in with that mindset, you won't be emotional traumatized, is ok to try them as long gas you have the right mindset

90% of users believe orlando158 is making up these unattributed statistics.

Don't believe me? Well, you must be a mindless sheep. Why use logic or reputable data when a random guy on a message board can serve as the unquestioned authority?

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Posted 10 March 2014 - 01:45 AM

I am affraid orlando 158 has a point. The statistics are familiar to me. I have seen them on another acne site, acnepractice.com. There is also a guru guy, and guess what.... He also sells acne courses!!!! I am not a doctor or i know all person, but in my experience you never get away from it. We all have an aesthetic problem and its in our psychology to try to fix it, so we tend to buy all promising products. I myself bought the regimen last week, simply just to try, but HONESTLY i dont have high expectations. When our self esteem is low we consider significant even the slightest improvement. My acne is hormonal and remembered me after seven years. I had before, seven years with PERFECT face, and now back again. In my case its not the diet, the creams, its nothing but hormones. In this truly helpful site i found infos and started a natural way. I take saw palmetto and vitex. I use lavender and geranium, apple cider vinegar, potato, sudocrem, egg white mask. NOTHING is doing job, but i keep on them, bcause they at least are not harmful. Deep down we all rely on faith and hope...