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Posted 18 February 2014 - 11:28 AM

Very often I hear from people who said the reason they decided to try The Regimen is because they went through the success stories.

Another thing people ask me a lot is how they can help spread the word. Probably the best thing you can do to spread the word about The Regimen is to post your own success once you are cleared up. A video is best, but a before and after, or even just an after picture, is also awesome. A simple written success story is great too.
Please take a moment to post your success once you're clear!


If you're just starting on The Regimen, feel free to start a video blog so people can follow along as you clear up. Alternately, take a before picture of your skin now and an after picture once you're clear. 




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Posted 28 February 2014 - 09:32 AM

I just submitted my success story. :)

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Posted 25 March 2014 - 09:48 AM

So let me start on how i have spent sooooooo much money on products that just made my face worst. However at 16 i started to breakout and my dad bought me proactiv which kept my skin clearer then a babys ass throughout highschool(thank god). However as soon as i started college pimple after pimple. and i found out from my dermatoligist that the proactiv was killing my skin. So i chilled and was prescribed medication WHICH WAS HORRIBLE!!!! From accutine,taz,etc. So i paniced and tried many other cvs products>>>FAILURE from lotions to cleansers to even EXPOSED SKIN kit !!! all these products did was dry my skin out which caused it to be more oily and breakout more.


Oh btw im 23 now play basketball and workout a lot. just to add that in


so I had it so i decided to not putting nothing on my face but water which helped a lot . my face became much clearer. But this too didnt work, my skin would get oily and i would get 3-6 big pimples in the most ugliest places you can get on your face(between eyebrows in eyebrows, temple and a few on the forehead). i would always look like i was sweating when it was oil. At times my face would look so bad i would have to stay home and hide for weeks. WHICH REALLY SUCKED BECAUSE i was always known for being a handsome. MY CONFIDENCE was at all time low :(



so now i was desperate to having my old skin back, so i decided to talk to someone from the old days and see how theyre face routine worked out. Cousin i love you so much. He told me all he uses is mud soap. MUD SOAP??? WTF, thats exactly what i said. lol but as desperate i was and how is face looked. i said fuck it, what do i have to lose. It happens when i did research on mud soap its fantastic for your skin. Originated in israel, all the dead sea minerals>(look it up)

however its been 2 days and my face is healing and looking good. MY face is no longer oily and my lightskin complexion is coming back.

as well as my backacne is 85 clearer. THIS SHIT IS MAGIC!!!!

hopefully i dont jinx myself but im seeing great results so far.



Take that black ugly looking soap

washcloth warm water

moiste face

lightscrub for 20-30 seconds

wash off (make sure you get it all off)

splash with cold water 3-5 splashes

pat dry

with this soap u dont need moisturizer ( but a sunscreen wont hurt esp in the summer)






so youtube mud soap ( i use ADOVIA MUD SOAP 11.00 A BIT PRICEY BUT WORTH IT)



OH P>S DRINK LOTS OF WATER. i perfer to put a lemon in mine=}

good luck

#4 Adam K

Adam K

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Posted 23 May 2014 - 09:15 AM

I have used the regiment for 2 1/2 month and it totally worked! I thought this was kind of a hokey product when I viewed it but it has worked wonders on my skin. I use it once a night and that's it. I tend to have dry skin. I suffered with back/neck acne for like 10 years. I'm now 24. My confidence has improved incredibly since using it. My skin flaked for the first 2 months but now it's so smooth. And missing a day or so of not applying the bp didn't cause me any new pimples or cysts. Make sure to use a sun screen if going in the sun. I use a Neutrogena oil free none clogging sunscreen aerosol spray. It worked wonders smells good and keeps you from looking wrinkle free. Don't give up guys this stuff works. And, seems very safe. I did a tun of research before purchasing and using it. Don't just look at my post make sure to look at others before making a decision.

With Confidence and Courage,
Adam K.

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