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Need Advice/experience W/ Paula's Choice Bha 2% Gel

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So I am deep into the stages of clearing on my Spiro treatment and the biggest problem I have now are closed comedones that are barely visible under the skin but can inflame at any time and come to a head. Most are just sitting there and really is the last things keeping my skin from being smooth and clear.

After reading many blogs and reviews, I decided to order Paula's choice 2% gel. I need advice as to how and where to use it in my cleansing routine. should I start one time a day, every other day? Should I try it just on the closed comedones?

Curren routine:

Cerave foaming cleanser

DDF Glycolic toner

either tea tree on a spot

2.5% BP

Cerave pm or cerave reg

Any experience or advise would be GREAT!! thank you

Current- Clear skin, light oil production, no inflammation on Spiro 100 mg
Started 12/30/2013-50mg
Stopped Yasmin 2/2015 due to Aphasia/Migraines, while taking Spiro 75mg
Upped Spiro to 100mg 2/2015

Current skin care -Makeup Artists Choice

MUAC Mandelic Acid Cleanser

MUAC Mandelic Acid Toner
Neutrogena 2.5% as prevention

Cerave PM

Sometimes I exfoliate. I did swear by facial peels by MUAC earlier this year and would absolutely pick them up again.

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1. Patch test first on your wrist or the crook of your elbow and wait 24-48 hours. Even with Paula's Choice products, some people experience irritation.

2. Try every other day first and watch for irritation. Don't use more than a dime-sized amount over your face.

2% salicylic acid is mild, but using it with other products can cause excessive dryness.

Best to use salicylic acid in the morning and glycolic acid at night.

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