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What Are These Things? Different Form Of Acne- Pics.

acne oily

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Posted 05 February 2014 - 06:09 PM

Hey guys.. I've attached some pictures of both my cheeks. These little bumps are everywhere- they show up new everyday. I have them all OVER my forehead too. I have EXTREMELY oily skin and these little things- for 2 years now. Any idea what they could be? They aren't just normal clogged pores and don't say I need exfoliation because believe me- I use and have tried everything possible. BHA/AHA, manual exfoliation, BP- everything. Up until a week ago- I was on birth control for 5 years. I also recently starting getting some cystic ones- but only on my forehead and a few on my chin- not my jawline so I'm pretty sure its not hormonal. I also get little whiteheads on my chest- back and after last night some appeared on my bum too :( It's awful and I've lost all self esteem. I can't help but think its really not acne because it doesn't respond to any acne treatments at all- but perhaps something inside of me is making the extreme oil and therefore these closed comedones?


I have low blood sugar and I do have candida(yeast) in my blood- after a blood test from a naturopath. So because of these two things I am on a strict low-gi diet and stopped all birth controls.


ANY ideas at all, has anyone had these and figured out what causes them? PLEASE help



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Posted 05 February 2014 - 10:30 PM

I think your skin looks very nice. Maybe its the yeast? They put me on some kind of pill to stop/get rid of yeast so maybe look at that?

Also, Im diabetic so I get high and low blood sugar and I always wonder whether or not that effects my acne.

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Posted 06 February 2014 - 07:18 AM

Im unable to view your pics, but I too have very oily skin and small bumps that do not respond to any acne treatment (they wont).  Since I cant see the pics, I cant say for sure, but you may want to google search (or search here) sebaceous hyperplasia.  Its basically an inverted seb gland.  Common in people w/ extremely oily skin (like me!) There is no way to eliminate them except thru accutane (will come back after you stop taking it), some lasers or cauterization (have been told they come back eventually), or surgerical removal of the entire gland itself (not recommended).


Sorry if this is not what you have but im at work and it blocks the viewing of your pics.


Good luck.

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Not overally exciting w/ the results


Also Has Seb Derm and been using Oxistat in beard area in the mornings.  Same, nothing special about the results

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