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Posted 03 February 2014 - 03:22 PM

Ill try and keep it short and simple.  I was clear before eating a healthy diet and using Clearasil SA 2%.  I got off track for about 2 months but still ate a lot of vegetables and stuff everyday, just ate cheat foods too.  I started breaking out more than I would like but still not too bad.  I have now been 100% paleo for a month and stopped using the Clearasil SA 2%.  I am not intolerant to any foods I eat ( at least I don't think so because I eat what I ate before when I was clear and that's it) but am still breaking out.  I have a few questions for everyone.  Should I go back to Clearasil SA?  I wanted to stay away from bad ingredients but it worked before.  Also I have been really nervous the last week and on an emotional rollercoaster.  Does this seem more likely for the breakouts I have been having?  I have anxiety ( I try to deny it but its true) its pretty mild though but it can get bad every here and there.  I have also been working out a few times a week and noticed im getting spots on my back (mostly due to the tighter shirts I wear while exercising, but could it be making me flare up too?  I know it most likely comes down to, live your life and don't worry about acne, but come on, in our world appearance is important to most people and its hard when you have bumps all over. 


Is anxiety considered stress?  When you get butterflies constantly in your stomach and rapid heartbeat sometimes (this mainly only happens in class) does that affect my skin?


I guess I didn't keep it short and simple.... but also, is it possible I am still detoxing after a month in paleo?  My skin looks a lot better but still not there...I am a teenager.  Maybe its just my hormones?  LMAO look at all this I typed... :) I appreciate any feedback. Thanks

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Posted 03 February 2014 - 04:31 PM

Yes, that's stress. You can use a salicylic acid if you want. Find one with minimal ingredients.

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