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Skin Clean From Acne In One Week (Gluten Free Diet)

acne glutenfree experience oneweek

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Posted 01 February 2014 - 09:08 AM

hello, i'm going to talk about my experience with gluten free acne diet in just one week and what that did on my skin so i want you to not skip this until the end ;

so i used to have acne for 5 years since i have 13 , so i went to a dermatologist and get antibiotics and creams to get ride of it : he is very stirct and want me to follow  all his advices and he tell me to get PATIENT ,so i did for 4 years and my skin has cleared up very well thanks to him .The last year i changed my diet because i wanted to lose weight so a trained 6 times a week , eat healthy(whole wheat pasta , rice, bread) and allowed myself to eat what i want(pizza,cakes..)3 times a week i was so happy back then .in March 2013 i had few acne that appears and i don't know why so a went to a diffecret dermatologist and get new creams and antibiotics : in two months my skin clears up very well and i didn't regret switch the dermatologist but after the summer my acne appears again and my skin break out a lot so i dit back to her she told me that i have to go on Accutane i didn't accept (my mon doesn't like it cause my precedent dermatologist tell her it's very DANGEROUS drug )so she gave me Epiduo to try and go back to her if my acne get worse .So this didn't help but make the situation even worse (i get STRESSED out for the last 2 months )i never see my skin like that everybody is shoked and tell me to go on Accutane (my bestfriend did it last year for 7 months and her skin is soooo clear this year i can't even believe )so this is the best part that is going to be written :

i went back to the dermatologist to show her my skin she asked me again for accutane (i didn't know what's the matter with her she is like forcing me to do it ) i went back home and make so reserchers on how to clean up acne without products i find a miracle way :it's GLUTEN FREE DIET for a month : i have been on this diet for a week now without using any product on my face only moinstriser and cleanser and my skin in nearly cleaning up it's amazing ,it did NEVER break out , i'm not stressed at all and i'm hoping things gets better in a month 

i figured out that gluten  and stress are the main causes of my acne and this week i'm going to try a natural soap with olive oil for a cleanser and searching for bio and natural products to use on my skin i felt like chemicals are under my skin for 5 years and i'm finally going to get ride of them 

i advice people that tried everything for their acne to try gluten free diet(i know it's difficult but it's all worth it ) if you have questions please ask , and i'm going to keep you updated see you soon guys xoxo


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Posted 02 February 2014 - 08:41 PM

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