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A Year On The Regimen

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your improvement is so insipiring!!!

i'm just wondering though about your moisturizer, do you combine it or you apply first the first e.g. CereVe then the Neutrogena, if so, what is the time interval? )

thanks! and go girl!

I just realized this while washing my face this morning....

It has been a whole year since I started doing the regimen. Yay me!!! Time has flown by pretty fast and I couldn't be happier about how my skin looks. I got clear in about 10 weeks and continually worked at diminishing red marks and acne scarring after that. It has been quite a journey and I plan to still keep going.

Sharing a pic of me (bare faced + ratty tshirt and + messy hair) with some of my favorite products. Have a great day everybody.

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