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How Long Does Initial Peeling Last From Retin A?

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I have been using 0.05% renova cream for about 6 days at night. Day 1 was fine, but since then it has gradually got worse.

I was acne free prior to using renova except for neck area. After 6 days, my face is very dry, itchy, irritated, red, and peeling badly ;(

I have been using CeraVe PM Lotion for moisturizing, but my skin peels like snake nonetheless.

It looks gross and feels unpleasant. I was wondering how long this peeling process usually lasts for.

Also, I have IB on my neck area b/c it was never clear of acne in the first place. How long does purging last?

I have searched forum and Google, and general consensus is around 6 weeks to 2 months.

I want to hear other people's stories who have had success with using renova. I would appreciate your response. Thanks.

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