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My face feels tight, especially after washing.

It's usually pretty red (forehead, cheeks, nose)

I have clogged pores on my cheeks/ forehead, blackheads on nose, some on forehead/ cheeks

I have red marks on cheeks and a few everywhere else, and a little light scarring


accutane cleared me, but acne came back, i think because i started to use products again

differin .3% worked after a while, but it made me pretty red and irritated

pores clogged after stopping differin


i was thinking using lower strength differing .1%

Only washing my face with water, not often maybe less than once a day

And using a moisturizer (Cerave)


I want to restore my skin barrier, which I'm fairly certain is compromised

Be less oily, not as tight, softer(i think will come from restoring barrier)

reduction in red marks and scars would be nice too, 

but i really just want my skin to feel good, and i think the rest will come


Anyone have experience with any of this? 

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