Red Markings From Acv (Help!)

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Its been three days since I've put an ACV(80%acv10%water to somehow make it more natural)  with cotton in my left and right cheeks and left it for about 30-45 min. At first i thought its normal to feel the burn and sting, but after i removed the cotton it left a slight red/pink mark, then after that i researched internet what to do/ treatments of it and said that it was a first degree acid burn (i dunno u guys check the pics I'am not sure). I've read that since its an acid you should try to balance it using with baking soda, so ive watched my face specifically my cheeks where the burns are I've done it two times. At the first wash i think it lessen the redness, and so I did a second wash with ice cubes to think it would vanish after that i think it returned or it worsen the redness in my right cheeks. and in the second day i tried using wild honey in my cheeks, left it for 5 minutes then rinse but nothing happened. I would like to know if it will leave a scar and how many days/weeks would it take to fully heal? and would the skin be the same or lighter if it would heal completely? and BTW I'm new here smile.png




and now on its third day it became more red, dry, itchy, and had a small red pigments around the burn.










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