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Please Help Me Figure Out What Is Causing My Acne!

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Hey guys...I'm having a bad skin week like never before and starting to feel really down and depressed. I'm hoping to get some advice on what could be going on with my skin right now and why all of a sudden its gotten SO bad.

Heres my history;

Jan 2013- started Seasonale birth control after being on Alesse for 5 years- same hormones just a little more in Seasonale.

April 2013 ish- starting getting a lot more clogged pores and oily skin was incredible. Also getting back breakouts now :(

Skin regimen was a 2% bha cleanser, 2% bha and 10% aha toner and a 10% aha moisturizer.

This fall- when I tried to take a gentler approach because I thought the excessive oiliness could be due to the OVER exfoliation- I stopped using so much. After just trying a bha toner and moisturizer- started getting more clogged pores AND cysts which I had never had before.

Switched to Ortho Cyclen about 2 months ago because I knew my birth control could be making it even worse.

Currently 2 weeks into The Regimen and finally on a good birth control and I'm seeing even more cysts than I did before :(

My question to you is- maybe its the over exfoliation of aha and bha that kept my cystic acne at bay? Should I try going back to that routine and stop the regimen? I've read a lot of forums that says the Regimen isn't great for deep cysts or clogged pores- and seeing as a I have no whiteheads or pustules- maybe it's just not working. OR should I try to combine them? Use BHA/AHA with the benzoyl once a day?

Please help!!!

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I was on HBC for years, but firmly believe that it disrupts women's hormones and makes them more susceptible to acne in the long run. When I went off it, my body did not know how to self-regulate, and it took two years for me to get my hormones, diet, and acne under control. When I was on HBC, I had less acne overall than I did when first going off it, but the type of acne I had when on it was deep and painful. I guess cystic?

I have gone off HBC entirely and allow my body to self-regulate now. My acne has disappeared with a low glycemic index diet that avoids dairy. I avoid pregnancy by taking my temperature every morning with my Ladycomp and timing intercourse to my post-ovulatory infertile period, but I don't recommend this method unless you're in a monogamous relationship. It is 99% effective and hormone free, though! This is just my experience, but I thought I would give you my two cents.

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