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Mild to Moderate Acne

Tons Of Clogged Pores

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 01:25 AM

Hi everyone,


So I have a lot of clogged pores around my cheeks and foreheads. I don't pick on them anymore as they turn into pimples soon after. Will they go on their own naturally? Is there something wrong with my daily routine? Should I use the steam method to extract my clogged pores?



This is my daily routine,

Morning- Clean and clear deep pore cleanser> Skinnlab Clay mask> Diluted Lemon juice for my scars> Aloe Vera Gel moisturiser.

Evening- Clean and clear deep pore cleanser> Skinnlab Clay mask> Aloe Vera gel moisturiser

Before bedtime- Clean and clear deep pore cleanser> Aloe Vera gel moisturiser


I do all this at an approximately 7-8hours interval. 


Ps; I am a teenager atm and I need help as there is an important event coming up in 2 weeks!!


Yours Sincerely,


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Posted 16 January 2014 - 03:10 AM

First off, your overcleaning your face, so I'm betting your skin is oily hence the clogged pores. Since you want to get rid of it fast, I'd say get a cleanser and toner with salicylic acid in it, it will work quickly. Clear start face wash and toner is a good one to use. Use these day and night, only 2 times.

In the long term though, when you don't have important things to go to, I'd suggest weaning yourself off commercial cleansers and using natural stuff such as jojoba oil and honey.. it takes a while to work but its better for your skin in the long term and will keep your skin not too dry and not too oily.

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Posted 16 January 2014 - 03:41 AM

I agree with the user above that you are definitely over-washing your face, this would lead to your face producing more oil, and thus more clogged pores. I'll create a little regimen of what I would suggest below. One of the main issues I see is that you're using a clay mask TWICE a day... this is FAR to much. Most clay masks are to be used no more then 3 times a week or they can irritate and over dry skin.

This is what I suggest.

Morning- Clean and clear, lemon juice, aloe gel.
Night - Clean and clear, ***Skinlab clay mask every second night**, Aloe gel.

Skip the evening part altogether and use that clay mask every second night. I really do think you will notice an improvement.

Hope this helps!


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