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Thoughts On Oxy Maximum Action Treatment Pads?

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I want to get these OXY® Maximum Action Treatment Pads to use part of The Regimen, i would be using it to get my BP from, it contains 2.5% BP. Would these work, they sound like they would, i mean as long as its 2.5% BP itll work right? I want these because its easier to just gently wipe my face with one of these rather than have to spread a cream, lotion, gel or other BP product like that, im usually rushed in the morning to get ready for school. I hope these end up working. Also, theyre only like $6 for a pack of 30 rather than about $20 for a bottle of BP here.

If i get enough feedback saying these are bad or should be avoided, i wont even try them. So any and all help, feedback, and recommendations are very greatly appreciated. Please and Thanks everyone!

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