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Bactrim Alternative

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Posted 13 January 2014 - 11:41 PM

hello. my first time posting here. i am very limited as to who i can see derm wise due to our insurance which stinks. there are only 2 in my area anywhere near us who accept it and i just can NOT afford to see one outside of the insurance network. so my derm i see now started me on doxycycline at first 2x a day for just over 2 months and nothing no results at all in fact things may have been a bit worse. she switched me to bactrim and AMAZING omg!!!!!!!! my face cleared up so fast i mean i saw results within days. it was just amazing until about 18 days later when i broke out from head to toe in a nasty rash. it was wierd i went those whole 18 days with not a single issue or side effect at all then woke up in this crazy rash and had a fever. she said it was a sulfa allergy and she was not sure why it took 18 days to show up. so great back to square one. she wants to put me back on stinking doxy but 2 months it did nothing at all and my face just got worse during that time and it caused me to burn bad from little sun exposure (hard not to being in florida)


im basically trying to arm myself with info before going back in to see her in 2 weeks. i cant do accutane at this time and not sure what else to do but i hate this. my husband is willing to let me try anything but we may want to have another child and accutane is out the derm said.


if bactrim knocked it out so fast (my face looked like i was a kid again. soooo smooth and clear as can be it was amazing i was soooooo happy until the allergy) what would be the next best thing to try to get her to prescribe me. i think she will work with me if i go in and ask for something specific but otherwise she wants to go with doxy again. i hated doxy. my friend who is our pharmacist said there are many others like minocycline (not sure of spelling) which is a very common acne ab but if doxy did nothing would mino even work since they are the same family???


she mentioned kephlex, augmenin, cipro, among others (again sorry if i mispelled them) but she is not to familiar with acne ab's except the doxy, bactrim, and mino she said. im really hoping some of you here could give me some advice. my derm seems reasonable and im hoping if i mention something specific she will work with me. i have retin-a and epi duo they do little really maybe help a tiny bit or not at all. i use her recc cleansers and facial creams etc but without the bactrim they were doing little to nothing.


THANK YOU for having a place like this i just found it and really hope i can figure out something i HATE the acne i have and i just want to cry half the time.

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Posted 28 January 2014 - 05:20 AM

Hello masters the antibiotics your pharmacist mentioned work good for acne.please tell your derm. U don't want another tetracycline antibiotic.i was on antibiotics for over 18 years. I firstly would recommend duricef2 X 500 mg a day.its a cephalosporin antibiotic similar to keflex without the side effects keflex can really mess with stomach and cause a lot of extra fatigue in some users. These broad spectrum antibiotics work best for stubborn or severe acne other great antibiotics for acne are vanitin ceftin omnicef ceclor, spectracef, cedax and velosef.good luck

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