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Potatoes Work

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Posted 11 January 2014 - 05:13 PM

Hi! So I'm actually new here and I wanted to tell you how my red marks are disappearing in front of my eyes .. I'm 15 and I think i've had moderate acne for 3 years. Well I guess you don't care to know about my personal life so I'm going to tell you this , like 2 weeks ago I got like 7 not too big whiteheads on my left cheek nearer to my ear. Well using epiduo they went away but each of them left a pretty red mark 😒 they really looked way worse than the whiteheads itself so I started searching for natural remedies and I read about potatoes so I said , should I try it? And I did. I'm really impressed by it results guys it really works!! I can barely see my red marks actually 4 of them are completely gone and in only one week 😱 so I'll tell you what I did
* before you clean your face , take a slice of a potato and rub it on your red mark for like a minute. Then leave it there for 5 minutes and wash your face with warm water and apply your cleanser as normal and do your acne routine but DON'T forget to apply MOISTURIZER because potato can dry your skin a bit
*REMEMBER to do this at night too
*please be constant or it will take longer to work
* sun screen will become your best friend in this journey so put it on everyday even if you can't see the sun.
And boom that's all!
Oh! And you don't have to slice a new potato everyday so so this : only wash the potato and cut a slice use it and then drop it but keep the potato and put it on the refrigerator so everyday just cut a new slice and use the inner side not the one that has been exposed to the cold

〰My red marks were there for a week but don't get sad because i've had one since 4 months ago and i can tell is 50% gone〰

BYE ✌️

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