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People In The Houston Area Come To This Health Event At An Organic Urban Farm

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January 19. Planning is still in the works. 2-3 doctors that practice investigative medicine will attend as well as a few chefs and maybe a nutritionist. The Nutritionist is Allie Miller of Naturally Nourished. She is firmly in the Paleo-ish/Westin Price camp.

Integrative medicine means conventionally trained medical doctors that may prescribe you drugs, but only if absolutely necessary where diet and lifestyle are not enough. Such as in an acute situation or in the case of rare conditions like hypercholesterolemia. Most of the sick people around you do not have such rare conditions. They can & should be managing their health via diet and lifestyle. Drugs do not make you healthy. If you've been wondering where to find doctors like this, here they are.

The Farm is the Last Organic Outpost is a non profit urban farm, just east of downtown off of I-10. If you say you can't afford organic healthy food, then here's where you get it for free. Volunteer & get paid in food. We are working to expand and see local, organic healthy produce grown everywhere. The way it should be.

Last Organic Outpost’s Mission:

The Last Organic Outpost generates healthy communities and establishes a local food economy in Houston's under-served neighborhoods through urban farming and farm-based art & education. We empower communities through sustainable agriculture that teaches residents to produce safe, healthy and accessible food for all. We envision growing 'Food Everywhere' and seeding an Urban Agricultural District that cultivates our region's food and supports local farmers to thrive despite economic, environmental, health and social challenges.

Along with running the Emile Street Community Learning Farm, Last Organic Outpost is currently focusing it's efforts on the neglected 5th Ward food desert with the following objectives:

1) Outreach - Initiate the growth of Food Everywhere by building home gardens and a neighborhood wide orchard of fruit & nut trees in homes and public spaces.

2) Farming - Establish a local food economy by training farmers in non-conventional, but sustainable, environmentally sound methods, establish community farms and encourage farm and local food related businesses in the Fifth Ward.

3) Education - Host community events where we teach residents about healthy nutrition, urban agriculture, and sustainability.

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