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Does Diet Improve Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

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Posted 25 December 2013 - 04:38 AM



I have had PIH for the past 8 months now, before that my skin was very clear and I would never really get spots. I can't ever really say for sure what the cause of my PIH is and I will never know but I think a factor is diet. My diet isn't great and it hasn't been the best this year and it's just weird how all of a sudden I get PIH now at a time like this where my diet is bad. Has anybody else noticed a link between diet and PIH? and has diet improved PIH? I don't get any new spots, so I am lucky but I just want these marks to go away now. 

I do want to really improve my diet, I'm the type of girl that can get away with eating badly and not gaining weight so I sometimes go for the unhealthy option but I will do whatever it takes to improve my skin so if it means giving up sugar forever I will do that.


What kind of diets have you guys been on and has it made an improvement to your skin? I would love to know. 


This is what my skin looks like right now. 

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Posted 25 December 2013 - 06:17 PM

I really don't think anything would actually fade them faster... that would be topical stuff. But certainly eating healthily and getting good vitamins to support your skin's healing would be good. A major diet overhaul is most likely unnecessary. You should look into chemical exfoliation. Acne.org's AHA+ lotion s very good and your marks are tiny and light so maybe even a month of using it and they'd be nearly gone!


ETA: i re-read your post.. if your marks are new in the last 8 months and your diet's changed a bit (more junk food) then yes, probably your acne is from the food right? so no acne and no new red marks, but an AHA would definitely help to fade the ones you've got now. 

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Posted 25 December 2013 - 06:51 PM

AHA will help when were talking about the chemical route to take, If we are discussing the diet route then yes for sure a diet overhaul would be necessary, I am seeing moderate results in three weeks of switching over to a raw vegan diet. No meat, dairy, wheat, eggs, refined sugar, processed or cooked foods. I have been RIGOROUSLY juicing organic fruits and vegetables and this seems to be the only thing in six years of acne treatments that has shown any type of satisfactory results. I feel that i need another good five months before I can say for sure if its a cure but i feel like I'm on the right path to healing. I am also starting to witness and more healthy glow and my skin tone in general seems to be more even and consistent. Today for Christmas since around family I pigged out on whatever i wanted to but will only do that once or MAYBE twice a year for holiday celebrations. So, Regardless if it is going to help your PIH or not i would at least start to change your diet just because deep down you know you should. There are also a multitude of other positive changes you will see and feel in your body once you give it what it truly desires as fuel instead of todays modern processed "food". The reason most people give up quick on this route is because they dont see any changes after a couple of weeks and quickly run back to the comfort foods. From what I have been through so far I know that it will take time for the true progress to show.

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