Does Diet Improve Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation?

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I have had PIH for the past 8 months now, before that my skin was very clear and I would never really get spots. I can't ever really say for sure what the cause of my PIH is and I will never know but I think a factor is diet. My diet isn't great and it hasn't been the best this year and it's just weird how all of a sudden I get PIH now at a time like this where my diet is bad. Has anybody else noticed a link between diet and PIH? and has diet improved PIH? I don't get any new spots, so I am lucky but I just want these marks to go away now. 

I do want to really improve my diet, I'm the type of girl that can get away with eating badly and not gaining weight so I sometimes go for the unhealthy option but I will do whatever it takes to improve my skin so if it means giving up sugar forever I will do that.


What kind of diets have you guys been on and has it made an improvement to your skin? I would love to know. 



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