Benzac For Bacne?

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hi im having trouble with bacne

im 13 and my face is alright (benzac 5% sort of works)

but my back is TERRIBLE

I miss wearing a nice dress to a party without having to wear a cardigan on top when its scorching outside, or having to wear a rashie ontop of my swimming suit.


I was it 1-2 times a day and have started using benzac 5% too.

my back is full on bumpy and I think its because of whiteheads that have hardened. I only have 3 or 4 red pimples and a LOT OF bumbs but most of all I have giant brown spots that have darkened and aren't pimples. are these scars? how to I get rid of them in a month? any products? im legit poor so I cant afford anything over 25 ish.

 please help I look horrible


oh and do I was benzac off or do I keep it on?

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