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Low Dose Accutane Log (60Mg/week)

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 12:04 AM

The small pustule on my right cheek came and went as did the one on my left cheekbone. The inflamed spots under my lip died but the clogged pores that spored them remain. I'm guessing it might inflame again. In the last few days I've had a couple of small papules pop up next to the right side of my mouth. Could be from dryness, they only lasted a couple of days and they've died. I've potentially got another springing up on either corner of my mouth. It's sore there and I can feel them brewing. I've also got a tiny pinprick papule/comedone right at the top of my forehead.


In summary, still getting zits but they are pretty small, not too inflamed and aren't hanging around too long fortunately. Haven't had a big inflamed spot for over 3 weeks. My forehead and cheeks continue to have plenty of closed comedones, tiny papules (some slightly inflamed). Accutane doesn't seem to budge these at all. They don't get bigger and inflame or get pushed out, they just sit there.


I've now been on tane for just over 8 and a half months.


First 8 weeks @ 60mg/week = 480mg

Next 13 weeks @ 100mg/week = 1300mg

Next 6 weeks at 20mg/day = 840mg

Next 2 weeks at 170mg/week = 340mg

Next 5 weeks at 180mg = 900mg

100 mg till Friday 27th June = 100mg

From Friday 27th June 30mg/day alternating 40/20 starting with 40 = 580mg (including 40mg taken today, Tuesday 15th July)


Total = 4540mg, Weight approx. 75kg = 60.5mg/kg

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Posted 16 July 2014 - 08:33 AM

Trying to share a pic. My apologies in advance if it shows up gigantic and pixely, I took it using the camera in my old computer because I don't have another one currently. It looks terrible when I preview the post, but maybe that's just my old computer too. Or not. Anyway, we've known each other for a while so wanted to share.

And p.s. Kim is my middle name. My actual name is Stacy.Photo 96.jpg

Okay it did show up that way. Well, I tried.


If you click on it, it looks a little less ridiculous????

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