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Makeup For Extremely Oily Skin But Initially Dry After Cleansing

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Posted 13 December 2013 - 09:10 PM

Ok so i want to wear makeup but i have a problem. I have used treatments on my skin (specifically cheeks) that have dried that area out and made it red and irritated and slight flaky. I want to wear makeup to cover the scars and acne on my cheeks, but foundation looks horrible if i dont use moisturizer (and even sometimes if i do)because it accentuates all the flakes/dry areas and settles into the lines of the scars. Its kinda hard to explain. my cheeks arent extremely flaky, its more just lil pieces of dead skin that are not noticeable without makeup. So obv, u wud think the answer to this is simply to use moisturizer. BUT i cant use moisturizer ever since trying differin bc it doesnt absorb and leaves my face so greasy and its like a shiny film over my face. It feels gross and icky. (basically my skin is a bit dry after cleansing but then later it becomes EXTREMELY OILY). and if i do use moisturizer with foundation, my skin will get so oily and the foundation will wear off and settle into the lines of my face. Well since i have scarring i NEED to use sunscreen, so i use a moisturizer with spf (i know i just sed that i cant, but this is the only exception)BUT i have to add cornstarch to it to make it matte and absorb oil (and even then im still very oily but not as much as without) or else i will be greasy and gross. Using this cornstarch moisturizer mixture keeps me less oily than using no moisturizer at all. (srry if this is complicated.) So the problem with that is i cant use makeup over the moisturizer with cornstarch. addin cornstarch kinda takes out the moisturizing properties and im left with a powder finish. So applying makeup over that is like apply foundation over powder and it does not look good at all. It doesnt blend, and settles into the lines and small cracks of my skin and looks cakey. Its horrible. I do wear concealer sometimes on active blemishes but what i do is apply the cornstarch moisturizer, then take a wet paper towel and wipe the area where i want to put concealer to get rid of the cornstarch moisturizer. then i apply regular moisturizer w/o cornstarch to help the concealer blend. (cant do this on my whole face bc it will all become super oily, can only do a couple spots) usually it will look somewhat presentable but it still looks cakey and noticeable. Do u have any advice? Any oil stopping primer/lotion/anything u'd suggest? certain foundation? tips? application method? (the ones ive tried are the covergirl 3 in 1 outlast as well as revlon color stay oily skin and garnier oily skin bb cream) the concealer im using is almay, the one with blemish medication in it.and btw, ur prob thinking i need to treat the dry area, well at night and before i apply the cornstarch moisturizer i use jojoba oil and i dont use the harsh treatments anymore, i only spot treat. and honestly its not even that dry, just slightly. everything just settles into the scars and makes it so noticeable, i feel like im not explaining myself. :/ and its only my cheeks that are like that, the rest of my face has pretty normal texture (besides it being bumpy small blemishes, but i mean as far as the small flakes/lines/tiny cracks)

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