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Holistic Journey

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== Myself ==
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Acne: Mild/Moderate since 2007 (so, for 6+ years)
Weight: 50kg (110lb)
Height: 1m68 (5'6")
Location: Western Europe

Skin type: dry/sensitive (I think, not really sure)

== Tried Regimen ==
- Applying Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar: almost nothing
- Applying Tea Tree Oil: almost nothing
- Drinking Grapefruit Seed Extract: almost nothing
- Currently on Arctium lappa: almost nothing

== Current Regimen ==
- Cleaning face morning/evening using Aleppo Soap: that's the easiest and simplest one I found without any SLS/comedogenics, it's supposed to be gentle and leave the skin moisturized (I'm thinking about adding Benzoyl Peroxyde and/or Salycilic Acid to try to get rid of some pimples that stays for months)
- Drinking a lot of water
- Regularly changing pillowcase
- Some exercising: push-ups, sit-ups and pull-ups (exercising is supposed to be good, but I also read exercising too much can cause acne, so I don't want to go overboard here)
- No face-touching (well, I'm trying, but it's really hard and I often fail this one)

== Current Diet ==
Currently: probiotics-full and gluten-free (well 99% I might still get some hidden/contaminated ones)
For this, I was inspired by topics like these:

I like the leaky gut explanation because it would make sense:
- During my student years living on my own eating really poorly (pasta, white rice, ketchup, processed stuff, almost no fruits/veggies) would have damaged my gut
- Since last summer (around 5 months ago), I started eating a lot more healthy, but it didn't really help my acne much

During November I slowly added more and more probiotics, and I'm now on [yogurt, sauerkraut, water kefir, kimchi]
Aside from probiotics, my diet contains approximately:
- Breakfast: [carrot, green tea, oatmeal, butter] // almost same everyday
- Meals (Lunch/Dinner): [red beets, green salad, tomatoes, kiwi, sauerkraut, potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, chicken, green lentils, sarrazin pancakes] // changes from day to day: I pick some in the list (not exhaustive)
- Afternoon snack: [apple, almonds, dark chocolate (at least 80%)] // almost same everyday
- Evening snack (before bed): [banana] // almost same everyday

I'm currently not dairy-free (I really don't think I break out from it), but I try to eat mostly fermented dairy, same thing for trying to reduce fat/oils: I noticed I might eat too much bad fat/oils (based on this topic: )


== Photo log ==

To be the more accurate possible, I used the camera's flash for every single photo, so I get almost the same lighting every time (however, it makes the flaws even more visible, so it's pretty ugly, beware)

I also made my own software to automatically rotate and crop the images by detecting the eyes' position. It also adds a black mask to stay anonymous, but it makes it looks really weird/ridiculous.


I discard all responsibilities if you open this spoiler: it might hurt your eyes and your subconscious permenently





[attachment=53082:2013_10_17 15_45_57-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53083:2013_10_24 12_16_33-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53084:2013_10_31 18_48_04-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53085:2013_11_07 13_54_27-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53086:2013_11_14 16_44_09-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53087:2013_11_21 19_47_00-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53088:2013_11_28 15_10_45-uni.jpg]



[attachment=53089:2013_12_05 11_37_15-uni.jpg]




== Final words ==

I'll try to keep this topic updated frequently.

I'm open to any tips and suggestions, thank you in advance (:

See you around!

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