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(Pics) Please Help! Cyst Scar Or Scab?

cystic acne scar

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Posted 04 December 2013 - 07:54 PM

so i know you're not supposed to pop cystic pimples but if i see an open pore then i usually am able to get away with draining it myself & having it gone by a week with only slight pigmentation that i can cover w/ make up & gone altogether in 2 weeks.


well, it didn't work like that for the stubborn one i have now on my cheek! i thought i had drained the majority out like 2 weeks ago b/c it was almost flat & not much discoloration. but after noticing that it was still squishy in that area, i figured it was just filled w/ blood now. i hate going to the derm b/c i don't have insurance so i pay outta pocket which is expensive. so i tried poking it myself to drain the blood & ended up squeezing out very dark blood AND some more pus/white goop.


now i have this huge brown spot left! it's really weird, it's never happened like this before. & the discoloration looks like it's under the skin, so putting some bleaching stuff like bp over it doesn't seem like it'll work.  @ 1st i thought it was just kinda scabbing over cause it feels rough but i'm not 100% sure since like i said, the brown color looks like it's under the skin. has this happened to anyone before??  what should i do? it's been like this for a full day. 

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Posted 10 December 2013 - 09:13 AM

It does look like it's scabbed over. Just keep it well moisturized and don't touch it at all - it should flake off on its own when it's ready.

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