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New Duac User - Acne Issues

gp advice duac acne

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Posted 28 November 2013 - 02:05 PM

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site, so bare with me whilst I rant at you all! Hope everyone's well. I seem to have had acne (which comes and goes) for a few years now. I'm from the UK and it's predominantly on my face and chest. It does seem to be starting on my back a little which is really worrying me too. I've been to my GP twice, once two years ago, when he prescribed me a roll on type medication in a white bottle with a yellow label (it had zinc in it) but I don't remember its name. After a few weeks that started to work and when I ran out I just didn't go back. Recently, despite improving my diet, my chest acne has become worse, and in the last few days it looks more like inflammatory acne. I went to my GP today and showed him my chest, he said it looked infected. He prescribed me Duac, but didn't really give me any instruction on how to use it. I explained I had it on my face too. I'm not sure if either acne I have is inflammatory, but generally speaking, it doesn't appear so. But today I went and my chest did look that way.


In the broad spectrum of acne sufferers, I think I'm pretty lucky. It's not that obvious to others but to me, it crushes my self confidence. I basically want to know how long to use Duac for and when you stop using it, what do you use to treat your acne? Does it return in leaps and bounds once you've stopped using Duac? I'm unsure of whether to re-visit my GP and explain my acne doesn't normally look like this and query whether there is a treatment available for my face, as he didn't really indicate if this cream was to be used there also.


Sorry for the rant and many thanks for your time!

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Posted 24 December 2013 - 09:42 PM

Call your doctor and ask how many times a day do you use it. Some ppl use it once a day some use it twice a day. Remember to use a moisturize after.

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