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If anyone is looking to treat their acne without oral antibiotics, I encourage you to read on and visit Dr. Neal Schwartz's acne practice online.


I've been with the acne practice for a good few months now and just wanted to share my experience with everyone. Before I found Dr. Neal and the acne bootcamp, I was dealing with severe, cystic acne. I never got a break from the constant bumps, cysts, redness, scarring, etc that would completely cover my face. At one point I had cysts all over the left hand side of my face. I tried very many over the counter products, 3 dermatologists, and tried prescription creams, blue light therapy, peels, masks, microdermabrasion, and oral medications. Either my skin/body did not react well to the products, or they did nothing to help... It got to the point where my dermatologists told me that if I don't take oral antibiotics, I will never get better. My body is sensitive and could not tolerate any of the prescriptions of their choice. That's where the feelings of hopelessness set in. I was suffering from acne for 10 years already. That meant 10 years of  constant bumps, 10 years of redness, 10 years of scarring, and even worse, 10 years of people staring at your skin, wondering if I'm doing anything to try to treat it, wondering where it all came from, trying to give advice, commenting, staring, etc. Forgetting about what other people thought of the way I looked, even I couldn't face the mirror. I would seriously turn my face whenever I came near a mirror. I would shy away from seeing people, felt self conscious, etc... That was my life for 10 years. The prime years of my life. I went to one last dermatologist who seemed promising and he again told me that oral antibiotics was my only option. I literally left the office in tears.

That's where one door closed and another opened. 
I couldn't stand being let down anymore and and decided to go online to try to find my own solution. That's when I came across Dr. Neal and the acne practice. Having lived through the battle himself, he knew what I was going through, and was confident that he can treat me without oral antibiotics. I hopped on board and he did not disappoint. From day 1 I kept seeing gradual progress. I had some setbacks, but Dr. Neal helped me get through them. Now, I'm a few months in and went from over 700 bumps to 90. A complete and total transformation. My skin looks healthy, and I look like a person again. People are always complimenting me on how nice I look, etc. No more stares, no more comments. Only compliments. For the first time in 10 years I feel ready to face the world again. I can finally wake up and smile at my reflection. I'm not perfect yet, but I'm almost there. Dr. Neal truly delivers. He understands how traumatic this condition is and I feel that only someone who has already lived through this condition can truly understand the battle. He's been through it all and came up with a system that works. He has an online system that starts when you order and receive your products. You'll choose a kit for your skin type (or a custom kit can be requested!) and then you'll enter into his online responsive program. You will log on every single day and let Dr. Neal know how you're doing. You'll submit your progress online and if you specified that you were concerned, the online robot will help identify your problem and will then show you a video of Dr. Neal himself explaining how to get past this specific concern. Dr. Neal expects you to participate daily. If you are concerned and the videos do not help, he encourages you to email him. He responds to all emails within 1-3 days. If still concerned, he is available via the phone as well. This is a no-fail program. 
Dr. Neal is there to encourage you when you feel hopeless, he helps get you back on track, and will then celebrate together with you when you succeed. He was my last hope, and he did not disappoint.  I'm forever grateful. He's the most devoted doctor I have ever seen. He is a doctor that will seriously stand by your side until you fully recover.  He gave me my true skin back and essentially my true self. 

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I did not have the same results with him. I did the whole routine and after being told again and again this a no fail routine, I became frustrated with the results. He almost belittles you in the emails you send him and honestly I didnt see much progress. The videos are very vague at times also. This is my experience with the acnepractice. I tried for 6 months and then i gave up. My skin never really improved and the whole system made me extremely oily. Forget about the effects, it set me back 250 bucks plus the refills which are so expensive for the amount of product you get. Im happy it worked for you though.

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Sorry you're still struggling... sad.png Sounds frustrating...


The videos are not necessarily a 'one size fits all' approach. Whenever I still had issues after videos/emails, I'd call Dr. Neal. Not at normal hours either, but he's very good about picking up. He's spent a lot of time with me on the phone and helped get a really good plan in place. I will say that the first few months are the most intense, especially if you have a severe case like I had. It takes a while to really get your skills down pat. I was ready to give up more than once myself, BUT Dr. Neal really did help me stay on track, figure out a plan to move forward and I saw steady progress until now where I'm at a bump count of somewhere in the 80's as opposed to the 700's and a totally different quality to my skin. 


I think Dr. Neal might still have a 90 day guarantee. He'll monitor your case and if you follow all steps and you still aren't getting better, he'll explain your case in detail on the site. 


I know you're frustrated and acne is not fun. I honestly thought I was for sure hopeless, but he was the only one to help. If you're willing, you can try again and setup a weekly call with Dr. Neal.


Also, with Dr. Neal's products or any products that you try, if you have a bad reaction, like more oil, etc, that's something you should totally bring to your doctors attention right away, or Dr. Neal also encourages creativity too, you can try to find a balance that works for you. 


Sorry to hear about your experience... I really never had that. Dr. Neal is amazing with emails, but even better with the phone. I've spent close to an hour on the phone with him on more than one occasion trying to nail down my plans. The plans were sometimes intense, but he's proven me right every time. You just have to have some faith in him, work REALLY hard, and then hopefully see results. I went into the program cautiously optimistic since *everything* else failed me. He really did not disappoint and was super attentive.


If you'd be willing to try again, I'd be curious to hear how it's going here, and would totally not mind answering questions if you're having specific concerns, etc. I feel like I've been there and done with that any kind of acne condition... I bet you can do it!

Oh, and about the price, he has a rebate going on now I think where if you are willing to send in some before pictures and audio, the starter kit is just 40 dollars. I'd be curious for you to give it another shot and let Dr. Neal track your story and progress...  You never know...! 

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