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Hello Everyone,

(This is also my first post on here.)

I've had my fair share of skin issues, dermatologist misdiagnoses, and trials with products. To keep a long story short, my skin is combination (oily/shiny with dryness sometimes), acne-prone (used medications including antibiotics in the past), VERY sensitive (I've been misdiagnosed with rosacea/seb derm/etc.), and well I guess that is it.

I used to have pretty good skin for a while using Biore Combination Cleanser, Aveeno Ultra Calming day lotion, and Cerave PM lotion. Around August Aveeno f***ed up their ingredients and it no longer worked. I tried Cerave AM lotion and that wasn't good/brought redness (this is what lead to a bad diagnosis of rosacea, a MetroGel prescription, and the worst facial skin reaction I've ever had). I've been trying out different products for the past few months since, and right now I have something decent which includes:

- Wash with La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser 2 times each day (morning and night before bed).

- Moisturize with Olay Complete All Day UV Moisturizer SPF 15 Sensitive Skin in morning (I think this is correct...there are like 8 different versions on the internet).

- Moisturize with Vanicream Lite Lotion at night.

So far this has been treating me well enough. I was switching products too often there for a while which really irritated my redness prone skin. I was getting flaky for the first time in years and everything calmed down for the most part when I started this regimen 1 week ago.

However, this morning I noticed I have this ridiculously large zit under the skin on the side of my nose. It isn't coming to a head (and might not) but it's painful and I'm not sure if it's because I need to change any of the products. I don't really get giant break-outs, just little situations like these every so often. I also have this weird small red zit (I think) on my one cheek that isn't even raised, just a little red/bumpy kind of.

Before this regimen I was using Avene - Hydrance Optimale UV Light Hydrating Cream SPF 20, and that was when my face got really irritated and dry. I was thinking of trying the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15, but I'm also worried it will be like the Avene cream.

The Question:

I know this was a lot of text, and if you've made it through I applaud you...I've even bolded products since I mention so many. However, I guess my main question is, do you think I should stick with my current regimen a little longer (and if so how long), and do you also think the Murad product might be a good switch? I know that I have the capability to have clear/non irritated skin seeing how I was not even a half year ago.

Thank you in advance to ANY feedback. I appreciate it!

- David

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Me and you are literally freakin twins! I will make this short- i went to the derm for the first time when i was like 14- literally prescribed everything by my derm without them even seeing that i had sensitive skin! I was on oral meds too + doxi (which sucked because you are photosensitive and i run XC- Track) so i got sun poisoning on that. It doesnt matter what- if i put any topical cream on my skin )light weight or heavy duty( my skin feels like its burned by acid. And thats when like a year ago i told my derm i think i have rosacea and their like "yeah!" and im like "why didnt you tell me them!?" ahhhh errr well after being put on Aczone and Finacea with some luck. I told my derm to put me on accutane a year ago (or almost a year ago) and she agreed ( i dont have anywhere near severe acne- its just treating my acne just make my rosacea worse and skin in the end) So in early june i started my course- i also found out that giving up makeup was the best thing because sensitive skin doesnt like anything to do with coverup/foundations/primers/ and saw that my sensitive skin doesnt like thick hydrating creams/exfoliators/foaming washes. I found the best thing to do is use Cerave Hydrating cleanser + cerave hydrating lotion (in the pump) works awsome. Fast foward to today- i have no acne - and because im not treating anything my rosacea died down.

I just typed away passing by grammatical errors because i had lots to say.

This is just from personal experience.

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Thank you for the quick response! Yeah...I feel like dermatologists don't know what is happening half of the time. The first rosacea diagnosis was because I asked her and she agreed. I went to a second one to get another opinion, and he said I didn't have it but maybe a little seb derm/I needed to keep my regimen simple...then he prescribed me gels/creams that made everything worse. He also tried to sell me over $100 worth of Obagi products that looking back would've made my face even worse.

I agree in that just simple regimens just simply makes everything go away. And like you, it's so freaking random what interacts with my face. My face actually didn't like the hydrating cleanser (go figure). It just feels like a never-ending quest!

I also started taking this websites recommended vitamins (d3, fish oil, zinc, multi-vitamin) so that could also be the reason I'm breaking out.

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Before accutane i had really oily skin (not horribly) just enough to make me hate it plus rosacea which actually made pimple like bumps on my face and less than moderate acne. After accutane (now) my skin is dryyyyyyyyyyy- i dont want my oily skin back (even though thats the key to no wrinkles when youre 100) my lips have gone back to normal- my lips are snow white red ( my nickname was blood lips when i was a youngster) so on accutane- having sensitive, peely lips made them look as if i smeared lipstick on myself.

Also- with someone with rosacea i reallly advise you see a allergist (just for one visit for the test) People with rosacea usual have sensitivities to foods. When i went they did like the patch test on the inside of my arm. I original went in because my derm recc it to me, and also i had weird reactions with oranges and citrus fruits... well after the test... i realized my rosacea is triggered by Mannny foods other than citrus. Okay so ima try to name them all Ill probebly forget to include some, but anyways- (Milk,bakers yeast(basically in anything that rises), oranges (knew that already), bananas!(I only eat a small one everyday because i cant give those up), pears, a couple types of nuts, Cats ( i too knew this), Dog... (weird, but the reaction was minuscule so it doesnt really matter), Horse! (okay now this answered many questions too, because my bare minerals brushes are made of horse! and i always reacted to them!) A couple trees, and weeds- Plus a lot more other foods.

The thing about sensitivities i find that i can get away with eatting some of it if i do so in moderation.

Yeah... anyways good luck!

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