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My Differin Log (Cmon!)!

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Posted 19 November 2013 - 06:57 PM

Hi guys.. 


I have currently been using differin for 4 weeks + 1 day. I'm a 23 yo male from Denmark, who has been struggling with acne for about 6-7 years. I've never had severe acne, but still enough to affect my life. Unfortunately, I have given up so many things because of this crap. Words can't describe how much I hate it and I think my biggest dream atm is to wake up and not thinking about what surprises the mirror will bring me. Well, I could talk about this emotional stuff forever, but I guess u guys know all about it, so I'll stick to the topic of this log for now. As I said I'm on differing right now, and I'll stick to it for at least 12 weeks. So, I will pretty much be keeping u guys updated throughout the whole period. Hope u can use this stuff and share ur own experiences.. :D


First I'lll try to describe the progress week by week so far. 

FYI: I'm only using differin on my chin. 


Week 1-2: Not much going on. My skin is not irritated, except for a little dryness in the morning, but went away quite fast. 


Week 3 (Means after 3 weeks): Initial breakout (I guess). Whiteheads popping up everywhere. My skin was a complete mess :( Although, no actual cysts - and things cleared up around the weekend. 


Week 4: Yep, IB comming back once more. Had a cyst that I just had to pop. Have a huge red mark now and zits are popping up around it. Could feel a cyst forming around my jawline. Sucks right now :( 




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Posted 31 January 2014 - 02:58 AM

hang in there buddy! 4 years ago differin cleared me up in 4 months. Just stick with it. didn't use for 2-3 years and still had a clear face. My acne came back months ago though and can't use differin anymore cause i became allergic to it. but i just started epiduo the other night and so far, so bad lol my face is red and i think it isnt for me too. but differin saved my life before and i really hope it does the same to you too. i posted a topic of my acne journey yesterday you can read about it if you like. just stick with differin if youre not getting severe irritation. Keep us updated! Goodluck!

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