1St Accutane Course! - 17 Y/o Boy (With Weekly Pics)

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Hello everyone..

I'm so sorry that I haven't been updating my blog for like forever..

It's like 3½ months since I finished Accutane. I had a great result! I have no active acne, but still struggling with some red marks, but they are getting better!

I will wait and see how I look like 6 months post - accutane, and then I might start using AHA+ from acne.org

I hope you all have a great time, thanks for your attention :)

Accutane changed my life

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Hello everyone :)

A few people have been asking about an update, so here it comes:

Six months have now passed since I stopped taking accutane. I still have some red marks, but I hope they will fade in time :) I will not start using anything to my face beside daily mousturizer, and sometimes I use facewash. I dont feel acne is affecting me anymore, which is great and lovely. I'm sitting here reflecting about how bad my life was back when I had acne. I felt so terrible, so lonely, so useless - it was a nightmare.. It's hard not to be moved to tears when I think of all this, because it accutane has really changed my life in an unbelievable way - it really has. I remember when I didn't wanted to look in the mirror in the morning, because I feared that I had got another 10 pimplets over night :( . I'm not getting anymore active acne, and it's so calming for me knowing what I look like every morning hehe..

To all of you that are currently taking accutane - please be patient. Don't think a lot about your acne, please.. Think about all the positive things in your life! Isn't it amazing you can walk without feeling pain? Think of elderly! I know it's so very hard not to think of your acne, but one day it will go away, it's just a matter of time. I really have learned that patient is so important.

I would also like to thank a lot of users here from acne.org for the amazing support, you've have really been helpful - and I have got answers to all my questions that I had. It's amazing. A special thanks to a special user; EatsRainbows. She has been helping and supporting me through-out the journey, and we still keep contact, we really have built a strong friendship, and I'm so pleased knowing this girl. The days I were crying she was there for me in a moment. This girl has so many characteristics that make her on of the most empathic, helpful and kind girl that I have ever met in my life. This girl has not just helped me regarding to my acne, but also with my life in general. I can never thank this girl to much, I really love her.

If anyone have any questions please leave me a message or comment in this topic. I wish everyone a very lovely day

Oh .... and here is some pictures taken just 10 minutes ago literally. Accutane makes wonders. Hugs



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