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Using Data And Wearables To Control Acne?

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With the rise of wearable technology and the whole quantified-self movement, I've become increasingly interested in the idea of using data to improve one's health. I know this is nothing new - maintaining an acne log, essentially - but I think these new tools have the potential to offer greater insight. Currently, however, I know of no such wearable/app/resource that allows one to track a manually-specified variable (i.e. the state of one's skin) in comparison to diet, sleep, and physical activity. I know the Jawbone Up provides the ability to track one's mood, which I guess could instead be used as a rating for one's skin on a particular day, and then compared with eating, sleep, and activity patterns. Does anyone currently use or know of such tools, and if so, have they been helpful?

I came across one concept that seemed interesting though limited and not quite what I'm looking for. It's a skin imaging device that connects to a smartphone and allows users to assess and track the severity of their skin. But the idea of photographing your skin just to have a sensor tell you that you have a bad zit doesn't seem all that useful. Plus it seems as if there's no ability to track your acne and correlate it with other factors that may play a role in your the quality of your skin.

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