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I used to think that acne is caused mainly by factors such as the food you eat or how stressed you are and not as a result of using a wrong lotion or facial soap.
About six months ago I was proven wrong.
I used to read a lot about intrinsic factors that cause acne on forums and talked to experts who believe in the food-skin connection, trying all sorts of things that might help, some did actually help, but didnt solve the problem.

About six months ago I started using two Kiehls products:
1. Blue astringent herbal lotion - you apply this right after washing your face ( I wash it with dermalogica dermal clay cleanser), and I use it once a day.
2. Rare earth pore minimizing lotion - after cleaning the skin with the blue astringent lotion you apply this lotion, I use it twice a day ( once after washing my face with plain water in the morning).

My skin doesn't look as oily as it was, and I hardly break out.
Just wanted to share my good experience with these products hoping it would help some of you guys as well.

Bty, I have no connection to Kiehls :)

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