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Im Crushed Emotionally

pimples life affected depression cry sorry

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#1 Brandonnnh


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Posted 30 October 2013 - 06:26 AM

Hi,I'm brandon,16 from Malaysia/Singapore.I've been seeing a lot of acne.org posts about how people feel about their acnes and how it has affected their lifes.But i've never thought I will ever be doing the thing myself.To be honest,I'm crushed emotionally and I'm crying while im writting this just like most of the people I guess.I had a flawless skin when I was small and looking back all the old pictures of me can really crush me down and I'll just cry it out loud,thinking what happened to me and my face.I had english test this morning and the topic was 'The biggest challenge in life' and I opened my heart and wrote about how acne has been the biggest challenge in my life.My life is perfect if I don't have pimples and all the flaw on my face.My parents are moderately rich,I have most of the things that I want and they are really good parents and I have good friends as well.So acne has been my only problem.It affected my life thoroughly.I was a really talkative kid when I was small or let put it this way,before I have any acne problems.But everything has changed after it hit.Now I wouldn't even approach to people anymore.I feel so insecure when they look me in the eyes.What makes it worse it that everyone around me happens to have flawless skins which made me even depressed.I'm afraid of opening up to my parents or friends and tell them how my feel.How I'm tortured by acne problem.I feel so sorry for my parents because they gave birth me with a flawless skin and I'm the one who ruined it.I really feel so sorry mum and dad.But if I can choose,I won't even go with this option.I'm tired of keeping all the emotions myself and dealing with this problem myself.I'm writing this to express my feelings so that I don't do something stupid.thanks for wasting your precious time on someone you don't even know.I really appreciate that.And if you're free please talk with me on kik it would really cheer me up.my kik username is brandonnnh

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 05:37 PM

Hey Brandon, have you tried curing your acne? If yes, how? What do you mean you ruined your skin?

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 05:41 PM

I can relate to you in a lot of ways my friend. Acne is the only big challenge I have in life right now. Everything else is going very well. I have a good career, good family, and awesome friends. And I think the same thoughts, if I didn't have acne everything would be perfect, I would wake up everyday without any worries or problems going through my head. But life isn't perfect, and we have to learn how to battle and conquer our problems. Acne has caused me a lot of pain but it has taught me a lot as well. I've learned how to have courage and confidence even when I thought I couldn't. I learned that looks really aren't everything and have really focused on my personality and who I am on the inside. It's hard looking at our acne situation in a good way, but don't let acne be a long dark journey. Try to grow and learn from it. And it's not your fault you have acne, don't blame yourself. No deserves acne, and it's defiantly no ones fault that they have it.

I am very close to my family, and opening up about my frustrations with acne has defiantly helped. They understand where I'm coming from and help me in any way possible. Wether that be through just talking our helping me live a healthy lifestyle. I think you should try talking to your parents, and maybe even some of your close friends. It's always nice to have someone you can vent to.

Are you using anything for your acne at the moment?

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