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Itching, Burning, Redness, Ah!

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HOLY COW! My face burns. Ouch. 


I used the DKR from 2005-March 2013, and it kept me mostly clear during that period of time. I was REALLY sick of "gently rubbing" for ten minutes every morning and night, and I was really sick of the itching and flaking and burning. Plus my skin was looking really dry and kinda wrinkly. Anyway, so I decided my problem was internal and I cut out gluten. That went well. But then I did something funky and it jacked my face UP! I'm talking WORST BREAKOUT EVER SINCE THERE EVER WERE BREAKOUTS. It was like this ---------->aedfiuqwhrgiqrughlieudfhlisudfhilweuhfilqerhgqiuhoudhfuehf. That bad.


So needless to say, I came running back to DKR and my face is really freaking out. Is this normal? Have they changed the formula since March? You'd think my face would welcome it back with open "arms", but that's not the case. I'm sooooooo itchy (like 20 times worse than before) and anytime my hair touches my face I want to flip OUT. So itchy. 

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