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Lush Regimen For Acne/scabs?

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Posted 24 October 2013 - 04:02 PM

Today marks day one of a new regimen that I am going to stick to.  All the other regimens I stress out and get pissed off because my skin starts to burn and what not, all that fun stuff that comes along with SA and BP.  So I've decided to really give Lush products a go.  I've owned the coalface scrub before which I actually ran out of before switching back to crappy acne products, and I have a very soothing moisturizer.  So now for my skin at the moment.  I had a breakout last week (today is now tuesday) and everything seemed to be going away, up until last night.  I had a few reddish looking blackheads, nothing too bad but I stressed about it.  One product I will never use again, biore pore strips.  Literally, ripped the effing skin right off of my face.  So now, on the left side of my face, near my nose and eye, I have another damn scab, which is just beginning the healing process.  So I threw all of the strips out, unfortunately it was too late. But I am done with these "acne products." seem like nothing but trouble.  BUT ANYWAYS. yes my shipment comes in tonight with all of my lush products, from cleanser to moisturizer.  Comprising of:






After I do this, twice a day, only at night I'll use one product that I've actually had success with, that being Proactiv Refining Mask.



All in all, let me know your take on lush products, if you feel this is a good regimen (especially for scab-like blemishes), if you've had any success with the above products, or lush at all.


Thanks for reading! 

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