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Need Some Help Post-Accutane?

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Back pain, severe diarrhea, mental confusion, yeah, the most typically mentioned side-effects of Accutane.

The intense "heat" feeling in the head and upper body was actually my first side effect of Accutane. I don't even bother talking about it most of the time because my other side effects are much worse. I used to refer to them as hot flashes rather than flushing, because my skin never turned red when it happened and I had hormonal problems when they were at their worst.

This "hot feeling" began as soon as I started Accutane, went away a few months after I quit, and stayed away for the most part for the next ten years or so.

Unfortunately they began again a few years ago.

If you want help, then there is this forum, the Accutane forum at, and

You said you quit not long ago. Give it time. The side effects of Accutane sometimes take years to abate on their own, sometimes they persist indefinitely.

Take the fact that you are improving as a good sign.

I had awful brain fog for at least four months after quitting. This was the side effect that improved most dramatically for me. Actually, this seems to be the one side effect of Accutane that almost always improves over time.

Take it easy and take care.

Don't be part of the problem!
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From the sound of things, more than anything I think you just have some realizations to come to and cope with.

First, let me just throw out there, my Grandpa used to say 'if you ever have even 1 good friend in life, you're luckier than most'. Fact is, a lot of people are fairweather friends. A lot aren't - but a lot are. Unless they're in your shoes, experiencing all the things you do day in and day out, they won't understand. They can't! But that's not their fault and it's not fair to hold things like that against people. I'm not saying they're equals, but if you knew someone who had cancer and was going through chemo, do you think you could POSSIBLY understand how they felt? I'm betting no -- same concept. Also how old are these friends? Mid twenties? They probably just aren't mentally mature enough to process what you're going through in a helpful manner. How does one react to a person in your situation? What's the correct response? It's a tornado of confusion and they may feel like it's safer to step back from it rather than step into it and face the wrath. To them, it probably sounds like you've just been complaining for months on end. Even if that's not what you've been doing, can you see how it might sound that way? That gets extremely annoying. I'm not saying you're annoying, but have you ever known someone who always pissed and moaned and was never happy with anything? Always had a complaint. Always had something negative to say. That routine tires out real quick and that's not who people want to be around. But when you find REAL friends, they'll overlook that for as long as it takes and pull you up and out of that emotional grave. Right now, you have friends who will throw you some bread every now and then while you're in there, so you rot a little slower. *creepy analogy - sorry, that's how my brain works* Basically, in this aspect of your life, your friends royally suck. Got any family that's better?

Your side effects are normal. No one has FUN side effects from this stuff, but there are ways to manage them.

Your memory issues.... I'll be frank. I think your brain is fine. I think your life and it's daily happenings have emptied out much more rapidly and in larger ways than you were anticipating and now you're bored. You're bored and your mind is tunnel-visioning in on Accutane. Truthfully, it smells like paranoia. I think it's smart of you to get those tests ran, to be on the safe side but I think finding some kind of outlet is what will help you to feel better. It sounds like you're an intellect with nowhere to put that mental energy, so you've resorted to placing it all directly into analyzing Accutane, and it's making you lose your shit.

You HAVE to find some way(s) to reign this in before you self-destruct. Your school went downhill, your friends are slipping away, your hobbies and interests are collecting dust in the corner. You need some kind of buffer in your life to offset this garbage. Do you have a job? Do you have a pet? Are you in any kind of group? Something needs to give, but it probably won't just fall in your lap so it's up to you to make it happen. I feel like I can relate to you and a lot of what you're saying because I'm similar in so many of the same ways. If we are similar like I think we are, I'll tell you what I've found helps: When you set some minor goals for yourself, and work at achieving them. Why don't you go to a nursing home and visit with the lonely old people for a while. Walk dogs at the shelter. Build something. Clean your car. Just do something each day, even 1 thing, that you can be glad you got done at the end of the day. Don't let yourself plateau and let it get the best of you.

To one extent, perhaps a portion of this whole ordeal you're in is attributed to the medicine and that is just something you have to learn to cope with - preferably in a non-destructive way.

To another extent, perhaps a portion of this really is you needing to snap out of your funk and tap into some hidden inner strength.

I do care. And I do get what you're experiencing. I don't really have patience for complaining, but I do have good listening skills. If you want to talk, anytime, please don't hesitate to message me and I'll be an open ear.

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Fantastic news your tests were normal! That's certainly a good thing. I'm not sure if what you had wrote earlier got edited also, but it really sounded like in all actuality you're not doing so bad. Maybe you were/are experiencing some form of mental rut? I think most people have those kinds of peaks and valleys - I know I do - and even more so when Accutane has been a part of the picture. It seems as though you're doing the things you like, you have a reasonable amount of support available should you need or want it, and you're moving onwards and upwards. If I were a betting girl, I would bet this mental blockage will run it's course and your regular self will resurface in time. As far as the amount of socialization you incorporate into your life, that's totally up to you. I'm a firm believer in to each their own. 95% of the people I know feel the need to 'go out' every single weekend at least once, but usually two or three times, in order to fill their social needs. I'm content with one time every month or two. I don't think either end of the spectrum is wrong per say. Just whatever makes you feel happy and content - that's all you need. Anyway, happy to hear that positive health news =) Hopefully that will give you some mental relief.

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Lol I guess you could say that. No apology necessary on my count. And it sounds like perhaps you could use a new doctor who isn't so flimsy.

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I will send you a pm in the next couple of days. No you aren't crazy and yes it obviously the Accutane. However, blood in the stool is NOT good!

The secret of health for both mind & body

is not to mourn for the past, not to worry about the future, or not anticipate troubles, but to live the present moment wisely and earnestly.

The Buddha

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