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I No Longer Get Acne.

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 02:23 PM

dscully, i tried to get people's attention on having a "succes story" directory/subforum, maybe one day we will, but until then, you could write your recipe in your signature section, or a link to a more detalied post, so you can easily help others. but don't be mad if i write the opposite smile.png) because, i spent to many years on diet (as serious as one could get), and while it does help (even as much as 60%), it's not a solution to me, i mean not alone. it has many factors like how advanced bacteria is, your  age, - at 23y i ate very unhealthy but had way better skin than now at 29. back then a good diet would have been enough. and also the type of acne, or acnies one has.

i don't have acne on forehead/cheeks, i don't have any severe cysts (those indeed are directly affected by diet), but the whiteheads on my chin (my nightmare, 4-5 new whiteheads every 4-5hours) were almost completely unrelated to diet (luckily brevoxyl clears me 100%). usually my back shows me diet results (and now i include lifestyle into the term diet), and also a bit of reddish patces around my nose and chin which are always moving (but i'm almost clear of these lately).

I also make a ton of bone broth and eat liver. Bone broth contains lots of gelatin that is great for your skin, and liver has basically every vitamin and mineral your body needs to be happy. I still consume a large amount of vegetables. I'm kindof a Jekyll and Hyde veg/carnivore. In the morning and through most of the afternoon, I drink tons of vegetable juice, mostly from carrots, beets, celery, dark leafy greens, but for dinner I also have bone broths, liver, shellfish, and red meat. I don't think I could do without either side, and don't agree with folks that say they can get well with only vegetables or only animal foods.

My skin is 100% clear, and I did not grow out of my acne. I'm 24. If I did not eat healthy, I would have horrible skin again, and am reminded every time I slip up and have a margarita, some pizza, or a glass of milk.

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Posted 19 February 2014 - 04:40 PM

We have a success story thread. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/172158-success-compilation-thread/#entry2054886.  Please post to it.

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