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The Regimen Moisturiser

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Hello, everyone one I just got my regimen products yesterday in the mail, so I started last night before bed. This morning when i applied the products i noticed the moisturiser is balling up on my face. Anyone know why? Thanks!

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It depends on what you may be doing that could be causing this...

Did you use the BP both at night and the next morning? Because during the first week it's only supposed to be used once a day. Maybe it's from jumping in too fast?

Are you washing in-between the recommended 10-12 hour time period and starting with only half a pump of BP?

Are you using enough moisturizer and waiting until the BP is completely soaked in?

I think of the BP in terms of a "serum" because of the way it would be applied as part of any skincare regimen. Serums can pill up as well if they're not completely dry before moisturizing, if you're not using enough moisturizer on top of them (especially in this case), or if your not gentle when rubbing the moisturizer in.

But hey, it's happened to me every once in awhile, too. Leave-on topicals need some TLC when applying anything on top, in my opinion.

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My Story:
I've had mild-to-moderate adult on-set acne (inflammatory) that started creeping up on me towards the end of 2009 (22 years old). Regarding previous skincare/lifestyle changes I've attempted, I've been conflicted, misinformed, resistant, allergic, and/or had my hopes up too high only to be let down. Many of my previous posts on here may reflect that. Considering I've never found an explanation as to why I developed acne in my twenties, whereas I've had flawless skin my entire life up until then, I claim to know nothing. I can only offer my humble advice based on my own personal experiences.

Finished my Accutane course on 3/29/2015
40mg/day every month for 6 months

Began 2nd course of Accutane on 10/13/2015
Even though my acne came back very mildly & nowhere near as bad as it used to be, I refused any topicals or antibiotics since I've already been through the "last resort" treatment without any problems.

My targeted length of time & dosage is currently the same as the 1st round.

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